Panya Project #sol16 Day 28 of 31


Panya Project

Today’s plan was a bit of a mystery. My friend asked me if I would like to come along as they visited the permaculture farm/community her partner’s son had founded. Not knowing anything about permaculture I said yes, as it sounded like an adventure. It turns out that his son is involved in projects all over the world, but this had been one of his first. It wasn’t until I got home that I looked up permaculture- here is what I learned.

It was such a beautiful place. It was impressive to see all of these people from diverse backgrounds coming together over a project they really believed in. Many of the people there were volunteers, some long term, a few are paid a stipend. The variety of activity was interesting, especially since today was a “chill day” as a course had just ended. It was amazing to see all that grows there, even though it is so dry right now and they do not have much water for irrigation. There were three small children there and we wondered about the layer of complexity having children adds- both in terms of the time and energy the children must take away from their parents’ work there to the extra complication of having small children around a constant building site.

We were lucky to get a tour and saw the original building, including a kitchen, teaching area, and library. We saw new buildings, gardens, the bathroom, the water filtration system, and more. The day was hot, but everyone was busy outside. The small reservoir had dried up, so we were told about the limited water supply they would have until a few weeks after the rains begin in May (a few weeks because the water system has to be flushed out at first).

This reminded me of project the art teacher at my former school was involved in and I sent him some pictures. It was inspiring to see this project and it made me want to learn more- one of the very best things about travel! To learn more about this project click here.

adobe bricks.jpg

adobe bricks being sun dried



looking in the window.jpg

A new building being made- view from the window



new building in progress.jpg



yummy looking pineapple



Look at that carrot!




The bathroom.jpg

The bathroom- much less smelly than outhouses I am used to- rice husks thrown in after use. 



pizza oven.jpg

A pizza oven- pizza can cook in 90 seconds. 



layers of building materials.jpg

This area of a wall was chipped away because people climbed on it.









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