What I Have Learned #sol16 Day 31 of 31


What I Have Learned

This is my second year completing the SOLC and it is time to reflect. Last year I was more prepared going in- I had lists of ideas and had mentally planned some slices. I meant to draft some slices to hold in reserve for days I ran short of time or ideas, but that never happened. This year I had the same intention, but again never drafted until after a long day. Last year I invited my class to join in, this year I did the same. This year I volunteered to be a part of the “Welcome Wagon” commenting on new slicers’ slices, even though I felt quite new myself.

Here is some of what I have learned…

  • As Michelle Haseltine said so wisely (probably slightly misquoting her here): Just show up and write. I learned that I am not a good planner aheader- I think of slices all during the day, but when I sit down to write usually a whole new idea comes out of my fingers, usually not even something I knew I was thinking about writing.
  • I am starting to look at life differently- everything is more interesting when you look with your writer’s eyes.
  • We all have so much in common. I love learning more about other people (and as a result, more about myself) by reading slices.
  • My students are amazing- some sliced daily, some quite often, and some not at all, but I feel like I know the slicers even better after this month.
  • There is never not enough time to write a little. Some days I surprised myself by squeezing in some writing (and commenting). It is a choice I have to make (although my reading life has suffered a bit).
  • I am soooo excited that this summer I will have the opportunity to attend the June Writing Institute at Teachers College. I know I have so much more to learn. This year I have been using the Units of Study for the first time and I am learning so much about writing and hope to pass a fraction of that on to my students. I can’t wait to take this next step!
  • I will keep slicing on Tuesdays and look forward to learning more about writing from the amazing community brought together by The Two Writing Teachers. Thank you all for your commitment to writing and helping us all improve!

6 thoughts on “What I Have Learned #sol16 Day 31 of 31

  1. Linda Baie

    It’s going to be fun today to read reflections, like yours Erika. I’ve enjoyed stopping by your blog to see what you’re chosen for that day. Just write, that is good advice. I love that when you sit down to write, you said “a whole new idea comes out of my finger”: A happy surprise! See you Tuesday!

  2. Tara Smith

    So fabulous that you will be at the Writing Institute – lucky you! I loved reading your slices, and look forward to continuing the habit on Tuesdays!

  3. ams4blog

    I feel like I could have copied your Slice today and posted it myself! I learned many of the same things and am grateful for the opportunity to read other people’s beautiful writing! Thank you for all of your kind comments during this month!!

  4. aggiekesler

    Great reflections! You really learned a lot about yourself through this process. I was like you, planning to get ahead, but writing daily instead. I kinda like it better this way. Congrats on finishing year 2!

  5. kathyschuitema

    I’d like you to know how thankful I am that you did sign up to be part of the Welcome Wagon! Your kind comments meant a LOT to me as a first-timer. I looked forward to them every day. I’ve enjoyed your blog as well–you’ve helped make this a wonderful experience for me! Thank you!


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