All Together Now


All Together Now

We just returned from Spring Break and I have to admit, I missed my class. Monday two students were missing, today they were all back. This week the EAL coteacher is completing WIDA testing, so students are in and out and I just got an email from a parent saying that they were unable to travel over break, but will now take their child away and he will miss the next 4 school days. It makes me a bit sad, as days at this time of the year feel especially precious. I love it when we are all together. We are such a strong community that we “get” each other well. We are working well together and after the break we are rejuvenated, so we do not have the “I need a break from these people” blues. We have shared stories, jokes, memories of all kinds. We know that this week we are starting our last units in science, reading, and writing, so we are feeling a bit of the edge of “school is almost over” energy, but we are still working hard. This is the time of year when it seems anything is possible. Those little second graders who started third grade in August are nearly ready to be fourth graders. The progress that they have made is astonishing and I know that I will not be able to capture it all in the reports that I better start writing.

Today we started our space unit. Each teacher in the team had prepared a short 10-minute taster of one aspect of the unit and each class was going to visit the  teachers in succession. When I was explaining this to my students I told them the order that they would move and said, “and then you’ll come home here.”

I heard a loud, “Aww!”and looked at the students. Instead of it being a groan of disappointment that they would be coming back to our room, it was instead a sigh of contentment.

One student said, “This really is home.”

This is the time of year that I treasure the feeling that we are at home together. I am trying to remind myself to take the time to celebrate and enjoy these last weeks with the students before the wildness of the last days sets in. We are all together now and we are like a family. Next week we open our hearts wider to welcome a new student who will be in his first English speaking environment and I know that he will quickly be a part of our community too. We are all together now and we will remember the home that we have found.

3 thoughts on “All Together Now

  1. So glad I read this this morning. You remind me of what I strive to create in my classroom. I’d love to be a student in your room! My favorite line – One student said, “This really is home.”

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