What Is Old?


What Is Old? SOL

I remember when I was a kid calculating how old I would be in 2000. 37 seemed really old from my perspective. When I had my first child at 28 my mom thought I was really old to be a first-time mom, because she had had me at 21 and her mom had had her first child at 18. Fast forward to my sister having her first at 37 and suddenly 28 seemed young. By then it was almost 2001 and strangely 38 did not feel old to me (but I was not going to have another child then).

Here we are in 2016 and today my mom is 75 –she is definitely NOT old. True she has had two hip replacements, but she swims and bikes daily. True she is retired, but she volunteers for several organizations and has a more active social life than I have ever had. She is a seasoned traveler and takes several international trips a year. This week she emailed me about a trip to Borneo she would like to tack on to her planned trip to Japan next spring and she wonders if I would like to meet her in Borneo, as it is near to me. She is such an energetic person that I sometimes feel like the old lady next to her.

My mother admits she “grew up” right along with me. She says she felt so young to be a mother. She remembers her own mother turning 75 and she feels sort of surprised at being 75 herself. It is funny how our view of what is old shifts ahead of whatever age we are. Looking at my mom I have to admit that 75 does not seem old anymore.

10 thoughts on “What Is Old?

  1. I love these thoughts, and I want to be like your mom! I’m 57 and pretty active. I know women 15 years younger who are lethargic and sedentary. We’re old if our state of mind and physical condition controls our age.

  2. Your mom sounds like a dynamo and an inspiration! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how our idea of what is old changes over time. How lucky you and your mother are to have each other and to share life adventures together!

  3. Age is very subjective. The body usually ages faster than the soul. Wishing health to your mom to live actively.

  4. What is so wonderful about the fact that people on the whole are living a lot longer and continuing to have such active lives is that several generations in a family can continue to enjoy each other for a long time and that is such a gift.

  5. I too have been thinking of age and what it all means. Our young mothers can be all kinds of inspiration! Young in spirit, young in years, it really doesn’t matter!

  6. Funny how why we once considered old seems normal to us as we get older. My Dad turns 70 this month. That used to feel ancient to me. Now it feels like just the right age for my dad.

  7. I saw your title and had to stop by. My mom is also 75 and nowhere near old. It makes me feel good to know that nowadays, you are as young as you feel. Rocking chairs for “old folks” are no longer a given.

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