Hurry Up/Slow Down

Hurry up to:  Get through all the “end of year” assessments that have to be finished this week, even though we still have 3 weeks of school after this week.

Finish writing reports (edit, revise, proof someone else’s, enter indicators).

Fill out all the end of year checklists.

Slow down to: Share more books!

Allow time for more choice in the last weeks so students are choosing how to apply what they have learned.

Set summer goals and make plans to keep learning and sharing.

Make time for the “lasts” as we close out our year together.

Celebrate our community.

It is definitely the time of year when I feel like I am wearing two watches- one that tells me to hurry, the other reminding me to slow down. I want the end of year to be positive and purposeful, not cranky and frenetic. I can feel the pressure mounting to rush, rush, rush. I have to remember to breathe. Starting now.

5 thoughts on “Hurry Up/Slow Down

  1. sallydonnelly11

    I love the image of two watches! I think you will have a wonderful last few weeks because YOU understand the importance of the slowdown part. Your students are lucky. Have fun enjoying this final push to summer break! (BTW – will you be traveling to NYC for a TCRWP Institute??)


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