Keep on Keeping On #sol May 17, 2106


Keep On Keeping On

At this time of year it is so easy for me to be caught up in the minutiae of the 1001 things I have to get done before the last day of school is here (June 3). Today I appreciated time and community. I had a goal to get through six reading assessments today. In theory, I should have finished these last week, but these kids surprised me and after doing a first round with all of them I found I had to check the next higher level. I told the students my goal and wrote a tally chart on the board, so they could keep an eye on my progress. My normal protocol for when I am conferencing with a child is that they may interrupt me “if there is blood, death, or vomit”, so my students are pretty used to having to get on with some things on their own. During reading time I got through three- all confident at the next higher level. It was so great to have the time to work with them and celebrate their reading successes. One child, in particular, came in August saying, “I do not love reading, my sister does.” He know chooses to read such a wide variety of books and his F & P showed that he has really taken off! During writing time I got through two more, only one left. The students were worried I would not meet my goal, but the last one I had to squeeze in at the start of technology time. We were in the science lab programming Lego Mindstorms as a connection to our space unit, and this poor young man sat patiently with me while he showed his stuff.

We are going to keep our reading community alive right up until the last day of school. In the last few days of the school year we will spend time making summer reading plans, including adding to our “to be read” lists.  We will have a class book swap. We will keep up our daily book talks. We will keep posting IMWAYR Padlets all summer. We will squeeze in as many read alouds as we can. A love of reading will last beyond the school year, but today I appreciated our community of enthusiastic readers and the time to hear from six of them.


6 thoughts on “Keep on Keeping On #sol May 17, 2106

  1. vanessaw2007

    Love the quotes in this piece and the overwhelming positive feeling of your writing that I know extends to your classroom. Sounds like a lot of learning is still going on now and into the summer. Hooray!

  2. sallydonnelly11

    Reading this is pushing me to meet you in person in NYC. I know i could learn so much from hearing more about ALL you do with your students!! Maybe on Sunday the 19th for brunch before your Broadway play. I’ll keep you posted once it gets closer. Know that your writing today is pushing me to set my students up for a great last month of school. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  3. Stacey Shubitz

    You’re nicer than me. Blood or death were worthy of interruptions. If a kid had to vomit, I instructed them to run out of the classroom. As long as someone saw them leave (covering their mouth, which was our “sign” for needing to throw up), they could leave without permission. (Can you tell I have an aversion to vomit?!!?)

    June 3rd will be here before you know it. Enjoy the final days of the school year.

  4. barbara suter

    I used to laugh when a colleague of mine used to say the “blood, death and vomit” mantra to her students. Stacey, I, too, have an aversion to vomit and somehow I got through 23 years in an elementary school without having to face it altho’ I came close a few times. Another one of the great things about retirement…no blood, death or vomit!

  5. Cheriee Weichel

    I think what I am taking away from this post is how much you and your students work together. I’m retiring at the end of June, but I wish I had know the blood, death, and vomit mantra earlier!


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