A Princess for an Hour


A Princess for an Hour


I was feeling rather virtuous. Having just bought a set of drawers from a departing colleague to hide in my closet at school (to absorb some of the mess and chaos I seem to create) I was inspired to clean a bit in my classroom. “Two piles a day” is my mantra at this time of year, which really translates to getting two “end of year” jobs done a day. Today was a great day for this- I had a double planning session at the end of the day and for the first time since August no planning that needed doing. I decided to double dip and get my school laptop backed up and updated while I cleaned. Two piles became four and the computer was still updating, so I  decided to sort of clean out the closet where the drawers would go to move the drawers in.


The drawers in my friend’s closet.


 When the computer was finally ready I headed for the door, feeling accomplished. Arriving home I decided to call the hairdresser to make an appointment for a haircut soon. It turns out she was free right then, so I told her I could be there in five minutes (I live next door to the mall where she has a shop. Don’t judge- when I made the decision to not have a car here I needed ready access to lots, plus there are a LOT of malls here).

Five minutes later I was sitting in the chair. They have a custom here of washing your hair in the stylist’s chair. The shampoo woman uses a squirt bottle to wet your hair and lathers you up right there. What follows is a 10-minute combination hair wash and head massage, definitely my favorite part of the whole experience. At the very end, you are brought to a chair by a sink for a final rinse. It is such a relaxing experience, I understand why some of my friends here go to salons just to get their hair washed.

The shampoo woman then brushed my hair, before the stylist joined the party. After about 20 minutes of pinning my hair up, cutting, and checking, again and again, it was time to see if she was happy with her work. “It has to be dry first,” she said. Next up, two women to pin up my hair again and dry it bit by bit. Keep in mind that I NEVER dry my hair. Two women fawning over me, armed with brushes and blow dryers.

After they finished their part, it was time for the stylist to come back. She then spent a further 10 minutes trimming microscopic bits of my hair to make sure she was satisfied. When she thought she was ready, she took off my smock, but then she noticed more errant hair, so it was time for a few more adjustments.

Finally, just over an hour after I walked into the shop I headed for home (remember, only a five-minute walk). The cost for all that luxury- about $25. I definitely felt like I had my Cinderella experience today. I had to do the cleanup at school, but boy, the payoff was great. Now, if I can only line up a string of other luxurious experiences to get me through the rest of the clean up!


4 thoughts on “A Princess for an Hour

  1. Clare and Tammy

    It always helps to have some rewards for our work and toil. As adults we can reward ourselves, if I get this done then I will…. if I do this than I can do …. Kids don’t get this choice. I often wonder how to give them this some opportunity – I believe we should work for intrinsic rewards but as adults we all treat ourselves and convinces ourselves with little rewards!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. jarhartz

    Ok, I am envious of those drawers and your ultra efficient life. I seem to spin around these kinds of tasks taking way too much time and energy. I love it! Where do you live?? The malls are so big around me it would take 15 minutes to walk to the salon even if I lived right next door!


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