Ending As We Mean to Carry On


Ending As We Mean to Carry On

Today we have 2 1/2 days left to the school year. Reports have been written, end of year assessments are finished, and so we have the much sought after white space to give students time. The week before last I asked my students to tell me what some things were that they wanted to squeeze into the last few weeks and I used that to frame our last two weeks together. There were a few projects I added to the mix, but for large parts of these last two weeks, the students are setting their own agenda based on the priorities we have set together. These days are filled with “last times”, but I am so glad that we are spending time how we have chosen.

Our schedule has included:

  • making end of year videos to remember our great year
  • making plates to reflect our reading (thanks to Dana and her Nerdy Book Club Post)- we added a scroll to each that was our summer “to be read” list
  • having Potato Olympics (thanks to an idea on the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Facebook page) which combined math, science, writing, and fun
  • making Reading Life presentations (thanks to Michelle Haseltine, a fab teacher who shares lots)
  • making brochures to share with next year’s third graders about third grade
  • some math review
  • passion project time
  • a movie
  • some play time (inspired by our earlier experience with Global School Play Day)
  • more read alouds
  • a last visit to our reading buddies
  • a “Thank-o-Rama
  • a book swap
  • making a summer writing notebook (complete with some ideas for writing)
  • sharing a SQWORL of summer learning ideas
  • and more

We are trying to hold on to these enjoyable experiences even as we notice that time is slipping away. It has been great for students to have these slower paced days as we wind up the school year- it has helped us all feel focused and purposeful as we reflect on the year and set summer learning goals. I love being able to say yes to their ideas. I am going to be a wreck on Friday!


4 thoughts on “Ending As We Mean to Carry On

  1. sallydonnelly11

    A line that sticks with me….”time is slipping away.”

    I spent the weekend also thinking of all I still want to do and also realizing that the clock is ticking! Yet I know we both will make it all happen!!! And I’m still thinking of a Sunday train to NYC to meet you before your matinee. Will confirm when it is closer.

  2. Clare and Tammy

    Love how you ended the year by hearing their priorities. It must be so rewarding to see that they picked meaningful, authentic, literacy projects. It shows all you have taught and inspired this year. Enjoy!

  3. mbhmaine

    I love how you invited the kids to share their wishes for the end of the year and wove them into a wonderful, fulfilling final two weeks. What a powerful, memorable way to end the year!


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