Digital and Paper


Digital and Paper

I am soaking up a sunny day on my friend’s patio in Kleinmachnow, Germany while she is at school (she still has a week and a bit to go). As I sit here with her husband and sister, I am struck by how we are all on our computers working, but we are using paper as well.

I spent the first while working in one of my writing notebooks while consulting my phone and computer. I was creating my summer calendar of events- looking at all the activities already scheduled (TCRWP Writing Insititute, nErDcampMI, ILA, visiting friends and family) noting down when different online PD events begin (Teachers Write, 3cyberpd, The Reading Strategies Book Summer Book Study) and writing down some summer goals. Then I moved all online to update my Goodreads, check in on whether any of my students have added to our summer Padlets (IMWAYR and IMWAYW), send messages to a few friends far away, and catch up on “news”.

He is a freelancer- so is catching up on record keeping- totalling hours spent teaching violin, following up on many other things. He is juggling paper and digital. He works on the computer, then prints out what he needs to submit. He is also working on some music- looking at an original score (on paper) then adapting it online to the group he will play with later. In the end, he will print out copies for them all to use.

She is a law professor and revising some student work. They have submitted work digitally and she is working all digitally.

It is companionable and relaxing- how we can all be enjoying the summer sunshine on the patio, but all be as productive as we want to be (or need to be) as we juggle our various tools.

After a Sunday/Monday of traveling to get here this is just what I need to be doing to start my summer break. But now, I am off to read (my Kindle- I only brought two books in my backpack because I know once I get to the US I will be buying many).

5 thoughts on “Digital and Paper

  1. Amy

    How exciting to be in Germany! I was just chuckling as I read your post because I too juggle the digital and paper aspect of my day. Not only that, but I juggle multiple devices at a time. At times I have a computer, iPhone, and iPad in front of me just going back and forth between them. Well, enjoy your visit. It sounds like it will be a perfect get-a-way! ~Amy

  2. sallydonnelly11

    Happy Summer!! I can’t wait to spend a day as you describe and I will also be using paper and digital. I love both tools so much!! And sadly I must report that I can only interact with you digitally when you come for the Institute. I had hoped to take the day to visit in NYC but too much to get done before my last day of school. But let’s plan to have a planning meeting this summer. I’d love to have our classrooms connect! Have a great summer of learning!


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