#cyberpd Week 2 Chapters 3 and 4 DIY Literacy Reflections

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Chapter 3-Remember This- Helping Students Recall Teaching

My main things to remember:

  • Students default to what is most comfortable (me too!)
  • We teach lots therefore we have to decide what is most essential for them to remember
  • The ultimate goal is that students outgrow the tool
  • I want to use our class blog to post photos of charts, micro-progressions- so that parents can “see” more of what is going on and students have access from home

Chapter 4- You Can Do It- Motivating Students to Work Harder

My main things to remember:

  • Micro-progressions help students see how to work harder
  • Look at how to assess whether students are working hard (and whether teaching tools worked)
  • I loved the “Fostering a Culture of Rigor: 5 Ways to Cultivate Intrinsic Motivation”
  • The signs students are ready to give up a teaching tool- important for me to not over scaffold (beyond when students really need it- being aware of not promoting learned helplessness/dependence)


Posting later in the week than others means that I have stayed away from reading posts until afrer I post, but I did see Michelle’s tweet about micro-progressions and I am so excited to peek at what others have started. I am excited to use micro-progressions beyond literacy too!


3 thoughts on “#cyberpd Week 2 Chapters 3 and 4 DIY Literacy Reflections

  1. Cathy

    I appreciated the key points you shared from each of the chapters. I felt like chapter 3’s reflections could be a sign hanging on my wall. It is easy to go back to our default ways of working, and continued practice helps us to keep next steps solid. Deciding what is essential is – well – essential. Sorry, couldn’t resist. LOL. Having students determine these essential pieces can help learning to stick. I loved your ideas for extending this to parents and improving communication.

    Hope you’ve made it safely back “home.” It was great to get to see you again this year as you traveled about.


  2. weberhe

    I love how you remind us that the ultimate goal is to outgrow the tool. As I think about the tools and the endless possibilities, I start to get a bit overwhelmed; remembering that tools should help our students internalize skills/strategies and make them habits is key.
    Hope you are having a wonderful summer! (I’m very jealous of where you’ve been and what you are doing!)

  3. Michelle @litlearningzone

    I love your idea of sharing more on the class blog so that families can see more and students have access at home! Such a great idea! I still need to hear that reminder that students need to outgrow the tools … as an interventionist, I want students to always have access, but when the time is right, they won’t need all the tools.

    Thanks for sharing!


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