#cyberpd Week 3- DIY Literacy

#cyberpd Week 3- DIY Literacy

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Chapter 5- Just for You- Tailoring Teaching to Meet Students’ Needs

My reflections:

Bringing it back to the students again- how to use each of the tools to match our students’ needs and be ready to have students not need them anymore, as we want students to use them to grow (which means they will not always need the same tools, but will be ready to move on to the next)

Chapter 6- Nuts and Bolts- Tips for Making Teaching Tools Effective and Engaging

I loved the problem and solution format of this chapter- another example of how Maggie and Kate seemed to be talking directly to ME! All of these problems are MY problems (how did they know?!). My main issue is my lack of confidence in my artistic skills- I have even bought a book this summer in an effort to remediate my chart creation skills. Having confessed this, my students have never once said, “What is that?” “I can’t read that!” or anything similar and that is one of the bonuses of creating charts with students, as they know what they are all about. I wish I were more artistic, but I know that I can make teaching tools that work, even if they are not award winning.  I liked watching charts being created live on the videos.

As with any good professional book, I can see the need for me to take action based on this book. I am excited to use these teaching tools this year and will definitely go beyond literacy. I love the Padlet that Michelle has set up so that we can see more examples and I hope that we can keep learning with each other throughout the year ahead. I am excited that our ELA coach is reading the book too because she is a change maker (yay Heather!). Hearing all of the #cyberpd voices has made this a richer experience for sure!

5 thoughts on “#cyberpd Week 3- DIY Literacy

  1. Lisa

    I think artistic charts are a bonus, not a necessity, and sometimes they are more distracting than helpful. I think that making one that is too awesome can be intimidating to kids. I think it is important for them to see that everything we do isn’t gorgeous and perfect. Just sayin’. 🙂

  2. Lisa Maucione (@DrLMaucione)

    I think this is a great book, as well. I would love if others at my school read it. I kept thinking, too, that Kate and Maggie were talking directly to me. It is very clear that they work in classrooms and I think that is part of what makes it such a good professional resource. I feel the same way about my artistic skills. I think I bought the book Smarter Charts at some point, but haven’t gotten around to reading it. I think we are harder on ourselves about our artistic abilities than our students ever will be. I’ll sometimes draw something on a chart and mention that I am not a very good artist, but students will “ooohh” and “aaahh” even in spite of my bad drawings.

  3. Michelle @litlearningzone

    I think it will be fascinating to watch your growth and progression of chart making this year with a little more confidence and experience! Take some photos and create a micro-progression! LOL. 🙂 K & M share great tips in that last chapter!

    Hmmmm … your point of taking it all beyond literacy is interesting. I only focus on literacy, but it would be amazing to use these tools in other content areas too! Look forward to your adventure this year!

  4. Heather Onderick

    You can make a micro-progression for your chart experience, Erika. I love making anchor charts and I hope we can work together to make yours more fierce and fabulous than ever.

  5. weberhe

    I am excited to see (and hear) about the ways you take these tools beyond literacy! You are so fortunate to have someone right in your district to explore these tools with and support you!


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