#sol-Today I Remembered


August 2, 2016

Today I Remembered

Today I remembered why I decided to go in to school for the last few days of my break. Those days in my quiet classroom gave me time to reflect on the changes I wanted to make in the layout, the things I needed to start looking for (read alouds for the first days, “getting to know you” activities, new organizational systems and more).

Today was the first teacher work day and I was happy to be there, but also happy to not be seeing my classroom for the first time, happy to not be jetlagged, happy to have already have started activating my school brain. Our day was full of meetings, with short bursts of time to spend time socializing and catching up. The morning was a whole school “assembly” introducing new faculty and new initiatives. In the afternoon we had time to get to know our new principal, our colleagues, and a more in depth view of curriculum office work completed recently. We have a new principal and it was clear that she knew the value of both the social and the work. We are lucky to have five teacher work days, so although we never have enough classroom preparation time we know we have some.

Today I remembered that I am the kind of person who needs transition time, so the days before everyone else was there was time well spent, even if I did not accomplish much.

One of the messages we kept getting today was that we should be all that we are. To me this means accepting where we are and looking to where we want to be. Reading back over this I can see many reminders for me as I plan the first days of school. There will be students who also need that ease in time, while others will hit the ground running. There will be plenty who enter jetlagged, some who need the time to socialize first.

A week from today is our first day with students and by then I will be ready!

10 thoughts on “#sol-Today I Remembered

  1. dandre3

    I love the days before school officially starts and we can slowly transition back into routines, pondering setup and lessons. It’s a lot like opening day. Have a great year!

  2. dianeandlynne

    Time to “settle in” before the meetings and the official opening days…I always found that necessary too. You know yourself and what you need; and I like the connection you made with your students, some of whom may also need that “settling in” time.
    Sounds to me like you’re ready!

  3. sallydonnelly11

    I am exactly like you. I have to have quiet, alone time to then be ready to socialize and collaborate. So glad your had that time! I wish you a GREAT school year. And I will be in touch to collaborate. I’d love for our classrooms to meet virtually!

  4. Adrienne

    I will slowly start transitioning back before we actually have to be there. There are always too many meetings and not enough work time during inservice week, Like you, I need that transition time. It makes me a better human being because I am more focused during the meeting and less worried about what isn;t done in my room. Have a great year!

  5. Linda Baie

    I did love spending that “alone” time in my classroom, sitting, thinking, wondering, and on. You are wise to take the transition time, and also wise in that final paragraph, knowing that students differ too, and have varied needs in the beginning days! Enjoy those five days!

  6. Jennifer Laffin

    Such true words!! I spent about 4 hours in my classroom today, just putting things away and rearranging. While I know that soon my time there will be required, I also know I will appreciate the extra time I spent doing what I did today. We only have three teacher work days, so I’m glad I did. I hope you have a wonderfully productive week!


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