#pb10for10 (late again) Mentor Texts for 3rd Grade Writing Units


Apologies for posting late- students started on the 9th and I knew I should write early, but life got in the way!

This year I was inspired by my week at TCRWP’s June Writing Institute and Stacey Shubitz’s fab new book, Craft Moves. I want to improve my use of mentor texts to help teach writers this year, so I have selected two main mentor texts for each unit we will teach this year in third grade. My plan this year is to also use these same books (and others) to teach grammar through mentor sentence study. I tried to use some old and new favorites and include different perspectives. Please let me know which titles you would add!


Personal Narrative:

Come On, Rain


Last Stop on Market Street


(also Yard Sale)


These will all be used within the first few weeks of school and will also spark conversations about books being windows and mirrors.

Information Books:

Deadliest Animals!


We had the opportunity to Skype with Melissa Stewart last year and the students got so much out of it! Her website is amazing too!

The Slug (new to me, thanks to Stacey!)


(also Coral Reefs and A Rock Is Lively, because how can you resist the way these two put words on the page). )



Persuasive Letters, Editorials, Speeches, and Petitions:

Our science unit at this time is Ecosystems, so the last two link with that as well.

One Word from Sophia


A Pig Parade Is a Terrible Idea


(also Dear Greenpeace, No Monkeys, No Chocolate)1169669.gif



Old Elm Speaks


Poems in the Attic


(also not a picture book Love That Dog)











Fairy Tales/Intro to Fantasy

Cheers to unexpected twists on traditional fairy tales (yes, we read the traditional too).

Prince Cinders


Clever Jack Takes the Cake


The year is only 4 days old and we have already shared at least 6 picture books. I look forward to sharing these 10 (oops 15, plus one that is not a picture book) as our main writing mentor texts as the year goes on. Please do let me know if there are others I should add to our third grade list!

4 thoughts on “#pb10for10 (late again) Mentor Texts for 3rd Grade Writing Units

  1. Ramona

    Wonderful list. Some titles I love and some new-to-me (love getting exposed to new books). Personal favorites: Old Elm Speaks, Clever Jack Takes the Cake, and One Word from Sophia.

  2. Stacey Shubitz

    As you know from reading Craft Moves, your list contains so many of my favorites. However, there are other books I love that are on here (e.g., Come On Rain and Love That Dog). What a fantastic resource this is for those who are teaching third grade writers.


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