Tuesday Treats- Some Change Is Hard to Accept


#sol- Tuesday Treats- Some Change Is Hard to Accept

August 16, 2016

Almost a year and a half ago I decided I had to make a change to be a better teacher. I knew that as a teacher of writers I should be a writer, but my efforts until then had been haphazard at best. March 2015 I finally joined in the March Slice of  Life Challenge, even though I had been reading and commenting before. After that crazy month I decided I would continue and slice weekly, and I have. Some writing is better than none I decided. In the summers I have participated in Teachers Write (since its inception) and the summer is when I often make better use of a writer’s notebook too. Last January Kathleen Sokolowski wrote a great post on TWT calling on us all to be leading the way to raise the profile of teachers as writers. I joined the Voxer group, wrote some more, led a PD about teacher-writers, but still- find writing hard! In March I sliced again for 31 days. I am not a quick writer (and let’s not even talk about my lack of keyboarding skills). I am not a creative writer. I do not feel particularly called to be a writer. I enjoy it well enough, but to be honest I often write because I know I should, not because I really feel the need. But still I write (not every day- I did when it was a sticky note’s worth, so I should at least return to that).

Here’s the thing- I love reading other people’s writing, so I make deals with myself. I tell myself I can not read any slices until I have written my own. I reward myself on Tuesdays to keep going. One way I have rewarded myself is with a delicious dinner on “Slice Night”. Last year it became a habit to stop off at the nearby Japanese restaurant for sushi on Tuesdays. Sometimes  I would eat there and start to think about my post while munching away. Other times I would bring the sushi home and get a start while devouring the tasty treats. Last spring I found out the restaurant would be relocating in August. Sadly, when I returned to Kuala Lumpur on July 22nd it was already gone- no last celebratory meal for me. Somehow now I need to start a new tradition for Tuesdays, so tonight I am brewing a cup of cammomile tea as a reward for writing and a treat to savor as I read the words of others.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Treats- Some Change Is Hard to Accept

  1. Lisa

    This is a good idea. I do my writing in the morning, but I think I could enjoy sushi for breakfast! 😉 Becoming a regular writer is hard. It’s hard to fit it in with all the other busyness of life, and I think it is hard to put thoughts into words that other people might want to read. Good for you for keeping up with it! Doing this has really changed me as a teacher.

    1. Ms Victor Reads Post author

      I wish I wrote in the morning (when it is night). Thankfully because of my time zone it still gets done “in time”! It has changed me as a teacher too and for that I am grateful.

  2. Adrienne

    This is an excellent reminder about how many of our kids feel about writing. I am glad you shared your struggles. I hope you talk about them with your students, too.

  3. beckymusician

    I love to write, but still have trouble writing regularly. I love your idea of a treat. I may try that! I’m sorry about your sushi restaurant — it’s not easy to find a place you really like, at least in my experience. Keep up the writing and the treats!

  4. Jaana

    So much truth in your post! This past year I struggled with writing, especially when my small group picked Tuesdays for meeting nights. Something had to give; it was slicing. Now I am back! Writing has definitely changed me as a teacher!! Good luck on your new year!!

  5. Stacey Shubitz

    I can relate, Erika!
    My father walked into my office a few minutes ago and asked what I was doing. I told him I was reading Slices. I can’t go and watch TV on a Tuesday night if I haven’t strolled around to see what fellow Slicers are up to. It’s addicting to check in on our writer-friends, isn’t it?


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