Lazy School Lunch #sol Sept. 6, 2016


Lazy School Lunch

#sol Sept. 6, 2016

This summer I fell in love with jars! I stayed with a friend in Berlin who introduced me to overnight oatmeal. You put together ingredients (oats, yogurt, milk, chia seeds, fruit, nuts) and shake the jar well. The jar sits in the fridge overnight and then in the morning you can eat it as is, or warm the jar. She mentioned that she had consulted a website  to get her started. I gobbled up her oatmeal happily on many days and as my summer progressed I shared the idea at other homes.

Upon returning to KL I finally looked at the website and saw so many recipes. There were also recipes for salads in a jar and I was intrigued. I told a few friends about my new interest and we were on the hunt for quart size jars for lunch. Eventually we all found our jars and we were off to a good start. Once each week is my “assembly day”. The salad is layered in the jar, with dressing at the bottom (my current favorite is roasted sesame). Next in is the protein and/or grain. Small, light items are next, followed by your larger items. To top it all off, add your greens. I put all of  the jars in the fridge and grab one on my way out the door each morning- voila, an easy lunch I can dump in a bowl at school. Because I can vary it in an endless variety of ways I am keeping it interesting. For years the majority of my lunches have school lunch, but so far this year I am glad to have made a switch. I am lazy by nature and do not like leftovers, so putting together a lunch always slipped off my “to do” list. With this new system lunch assembly is quick and easy- even I can manage it! Something that has surprised me is how long the salads stay fresh in a jar- wahoo!

Now that most of my breakfasts and lunches are automated, maybe I should move on to dinner. If you have ideas for me to try, please let me know!


This jar is sideways, sorry!


7 thoughts on “Lazy School Lunch #sol Sept. 6, 2016

  1. Adrienne

    I made overnight oats for the first time today. I’ll eat them after I finish reading Slices. My teaching partner often brings jar salads for lunch. They looks so cool and delicious. Maybe this will be the year I try it.

  2. Nicolette James

    Automated breakfasts and lunches have been my saving grace. I have never heard of this idea before. I love it. Do you find the salad stays fresher longer because it’s in the jar instead of a bowl (that’s what I use now)? My lunches are already made for this week, but I’m going to try this next week.

  3. Linda Baie

    I have a friend who has consistent parties for “jar” lunches. I don’t have to take my lunch anymore because I’m retired, but I know she loves them. I’ll have to ask her about the overnight oatmeal. Thanks, Erika, a new wonderful thing!

  4. Brian Rozinsky

    Fun read, Erika. I have a colleague who’s a huge proponent of jarred salads, and this reminded me of her. As for ideas… (1) Consider buttermilk as a bright, puckery liquid alternative or supplement for overnight oatmeal. (2) Maybe breakfast for dinner can bring jars to your evening repast from time to time 🙂


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