Building Bridges


#sol- Building Bridges

September 27, 2016

Today was the first of two days for first semester parent-teacher conference. I know we are really lucky to have two full days for this! Our school made the decision to include students this year (yahoo!) and conferences were about two weeks earlier than usual, so there was a bit of frenzied preparation to get this all to be a positive reporting experience.

Today I had 14 conferences scheduled, so a busy day indeed. Tonight I am tired, but so very happy. Today was truly a learning celebration. It was great to see our students sharing their growth and goals with their parents. The third graders had a clear understanding of their strengths and needs as they talked their parents through their lives in third grade. Students excitedly shared their stories, their reading life, their progress in math. I saw more than one parent wipe away a stray tear of pride. It was humbling to watch students translate for parents. It was fun to share stories of successes and hear tales of how learning is carried over at home. Some of the students receive direct support from our EAL coteacher and the look of awe from the students when she shared thinking prompts for their parents in their home language was moving. We are asking all of our students to do so much as learners and our EAL students have the extra challenge of doing this all in a language they do not speak at home. While preparing for conferences is a lot of work and the days are long I appreciate this opportunity to help build bridges with families. It is important to have the time for parents to share in their child’s schooling and opportunities like this make this happen.

Tomorrow I will finish up this round of conferences but I know that the bridges we built today will benefit our learning community throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

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