Why I Write!


October 18, 2016

#sol- Why I Write!

As you will read in other posts Thursday is the National Day on Writing I have been lucky enough to be part of a Voxer group focused on promoting ways to share our love of writing as educators and Kathleen had us thinking about this day weeks ago as she wrote her own blog post about the day, so it is only natural that I have been thinking about why I write.

I write to…

reflect (to process what I am learning and thinking to make changes, so that I can learn and think some more)

remember (where I am, either physically or mentally, so that I can remember better in the future)

problem solve (things become so much clearer when they are written down)

plan (it is always a good sign when I think that a new project or time period is worthy of a new notebook, even when the old one may not be filled)

organize (I know I benefit from drafting, but boy do I resist it. I may also be the queen of lists)

model ( as a teacher of writers it makes my teaching better if I can speak from first-hand experience as a writer)

goal set (getting it is writing makes it more likely to happen for me)

understand (I seem to write more when I am feeling deeply)

share (I sometimes write specifically for others, but much more often it is just for me)

be a part of a community (one of my best decisions for me as a writer was joining the March Slice of Life Challenge in 2014- I have been inspired by so many writers here)

As I read this over I am thinking about to the winding path that my writing life has taken. I wish that I had some of my childhood writing- I remember some of it vividly. Flash forward to today- I know that this school year I have not been writing as much as I would like to, so I am always grateful for Tuesdays, the one day in the week when I know that I will write for sure. I am happy for the pressure I feel to show up and write at least once a week. I am excited that my friend, Gina, is almost ready to join this group too!

I am going to ask my third graders to share why they write on Thursday and I am curious what they will say.

5 thoughts on “Why I Write!

  1. franmcveigh

    I too wish that I had more of my school writing. I would love to review my “writing timeline”. . . but maybe it’s better that I can recreate it and make it literally MY story – right or wrong!


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