The Slices I Did Not Write Today


This morning when I woke up the first time (at 3:15, ugh!) I knew I was going to be tired today. I decided while I waited to fall back to sleep that I would try a different kind of slice today- a list of all the slices I could have written today, just based on me trying to pay close attention to the stories I see in one day, so here goes:

  1. The jarring alarm at 5:15 (I was in a deep sleep then)
  2. The cat on the pillow next to my head
  3. How happy my cat gets when I get out of bed
  4. Purring- does it really not show a cat’s happiness?
  5. My kitchen smells like brownies (how I have a habit of saying “yes”, so last night was baking brownies for the Care Club at school to have a bake sale today- nothing to do with me, I just have a hard time saying”no”)
  6. “Wet” kitchens in Malaysia- explaining how most kitchens in Malaysia are in two sections, so my wet kitchen is behind a door, so smells linger there- for better and worse.
  7. My morning routines- including eating my overnight oatmeal at school
  8. P’s big yawn- you know others are tired too when our team collaborative planning time started with our math coordinator letting out a huge yawn
  9. “Give me fat and salt”- another funny quote Ellen called out when we were talking about her general dislike for sweets other than chocolate (as she ate a Kit Kat)
  10. Learning vs busy- a discussion at collab time about looking for learning and how we know that students are learning
  11. My words bouncing back to me- hearing some of my frequent phrases being used by my students (a reminder that I have to always watch what I say)
  12. S’s survey- during our afterschool activity, Book Love, a student wlaked around asking questions we could only answer yes or no to (one question was “What is your favorite color?” My answer was “yes” and she later remarked that me and the other teacher were the only ones that got that question right- I gave the other teacher the answer)
  13. J’s survey-also during our ASA Jake surveyed people on their favorite all time book- it was fun to see what a few former students picked
  14. Watching the U11 basketball teams play and being told I was the only spectator who was not a family member to only come

Realistically I could have stretched any of these into a slice and there were many other moments that I edited out of my list. It is a good reminder to me that I need to notice more as I try to live a more writerly life. There are many Tuesdays that I sit down sure that I have no idea what to write- what I am really saying is that I did not take note.

11 thoughts on “The Slices I Did Not Write Today

  1. Christine Baldiga

    This quote could have been written by me: “There are many Tuesdays that I sit down sure that I have no idea what to write- what I am really saying is that I did not take note.”
    My question is always – how to do take note and where do I keep them all in my busy-ness.

  2. franmcveigh

    I loved this format. My worst fear is that “perfect topic” just before I fell asleep . . . is totally gone in the morning and I have absolutely no clue what it was. Sometimes, for me, it’s remembering what I noticed!

  3. Terje

    I can so understand you. Sometimes it is necessary to write a list instead of a slice. You showed that we all have many slices that we can collect. Noticing is important.

  4. Brian Rozinsky

    Badaboom: “There are many Tuesdays that I sit down sure that I have no idea what to write- what I am really saying is that I did not take note.” Here’s to you, taking note, and gathering ideas for now or later or both.


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