Tracking Packages


#sol- November 15, 2016

Within 24 hours of living in Kuala Lumpur I already had a membership card to the biggest book store in town. I visit the store almost every weekend and order online from them at least three times a month. Suffice it to say I spend a lot of money there! I have a not so secret addiction- books- kid lit in particular. I get all the books I order delivered to school because my apartment building guards are not allowed to accept parcels and the post office I would collect a package from is far away. I wait not so patiently for my books to arrive. Nearly every day I check my orders to see if any more books have moved from “order received”

to “checking store stocks”

to “pending”

to “ready to dispatch”

and finally to “dispatched”.

Once I read those magic words I get sent a tracking number and I keep tabs on the package over the next few days. Little do the front office staff at school know that I am aware when they do not send me an email on the same day that the package arrives. It happens.

Today was a big day- about 20 books arrived (yesterday, but the email to collect the package from the office arrived today). When I picked up the package the office staff laughed at me (again), “More books?”

“You sure do like to read!”

“That is a big box!”

As I opened the box right there, I assured them that it was not as many books as it might seem. There was a lot of bubble wrap.

“Oh, can I have the bubble wrap? My younger daughter is making unicorn headresses,” E. asked.

“Of course,” I answered happily, already inhaling the heady scent of new books. As the office ladies shook their heads at the book crazy lady walking out with another pile of books I started making deals with myself about how many books I could read before I share them with my class. One hour later when the students retun from specials and lunch and the jig is up- they see the new pile! The eager readers are ready!


4 thoughts on “Tracking Packages

  1. sallydonnelly11

    Love this slice! Love how you love books as much as I do. And who knew there were so many action words involved in getting an order from purchase to delivery! That in itself is a lesson using specific vocabulary! Thanks for sharing this fun piece. Happy Reading!!


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