My Person


#sol17 Day 1/31

March 1, 2017

This morning marked the beginning of the end of my time with “my person”. When I was leaving a previous school a colleague made me bawl (in PUBLIC) by referring to me as her person. I have never in my life seen “Grey’s Anatomy”, where this term apparently comes from, but from her speech, I got the gist.

Leaving my last school I definitely left behind a few who were definitely “my persons”, but moving on is and was exciting. Here I have had a harder time finding those people. I have been really lucky to have one as my EAL coteacher. We hit it off from the start and really work well together. Although we do not do much together socially, we do sometimes get together and we know we have each other’s back, no matter what. We have shared personal stories and know we can always be real with each other.We are PD nerds together and love to talk about ideas we have seen or heard. We have traveled together for work and fun.

We both get to school ridiculously early and we usually check in with each other before the day gets too busy. We often stay too late too and will sometimes walk together to meet our taxis to head home.

When she was talking about moving on last year I got nervous, but this year it became real- after June she will move on to another school and I will be the one left behind. This morning it really hit me, as I was alone in the team that my person is really going away. She was not there. She is off on a PD opportunity and will not be back until Monday night. Yes, I have other teammates that I really love, but my first person at this school will not be there in a few short months. I missed our check in, our plans for our students. I knew that she would be excited to see the students starting their slicing journey first thing this morning.

Her absence this morning made me reflect on the two sides- the one leaving and the one being left behind. Both involve change, readjustment, and new routines. There are definitely aspects that are harder depending on which side of the suitcase you are on. It makes me even more determined to value the time we have together when she returns. I know I am lucky that I have a few more friends here at school, whereas she will move on to her new school without a friend (yet). The international teacher life has this constant cycle of moving as its major drawback.

13 thoughts on “My Person

  1. I love the line about “the other side of the suitcase.” The good thing about technology today is we can still be so close with those who are far, but I know it’s not the same. I’m sorry!

  2. I also love the “side of the suitcase” analogy. And I know what it’s like to “lose your person.” My teaching partner in crime is moving up to a different grade level next year, and even though she’ll be in the same building still, I will sorely miss planning with her.

  3. I’ve always connected to that phrase, “my person,” and confess to getting it best because of being a Greys fan. It hits very close to home for me as well. Thanks for helping me focus on the gratitude I have for “my person,” this morning.

  4. Yessss!!! I second kraushaarkatie–your line about “which side of the suitcase” really stuck with me. You should definitely watch at least a few episodes of Grey’s sometime to get a handle on the whole “my person” thing–good stuff.

    Good luck next year without your person! I’m with you in that my co-teacher “person” and I rarely hung out socially, but we were BFFs in the classroom. We synced up and both left our school at the same time, but we haven’t seen each other since then–so busy with kids and sports and new jobs. It’s sad. I hope you stay in touch with her!!

    Thanks for this post–I think I’ll text my person this morning and see if we can try to get together!

  5. Thank you for a thought-provoking post. I lost my person last year – forever. He will never be back. While this year the tears are not obvious, my heart is empty.

  6. Our school has such huge turn over every year. This is our 8th year in our building. We have two teachers per grade level K-6. Plus preschool and functional life. We have art, gym, library. We have a half time nurse and a half time counselor. We have a special ed teacher. Plus 5 part time gen ed para and 5 functional life paras. After 8 years we have 2 teachers and 5 total paras that are the same as when we moved into this building. Many positions have changed more than once. Having a person is so important. I am hoping my persons stay. They are my tether to sanity. Good luck finding a new tether.

  7. I’ve changed districts and schools over the past few years, searching for my person. Or at least a tribe that loves reading and writing as much as I do. I think I have found a place now but it is really when I am at TCRWP that I truly feel with my people. And though we are literally a half a world away, you are on my list of my people, too! Do enjoy and treasure the time you still have with your person.

  8. I can completely relate to this feeling. As I have recently left a lot of ‘my people’ and arrived at a new school this year. Searching for new people has been difficult. It can be scary and overwhelming, but I have been so lucky to find another person in my grade level! She is a rockstar and helps push me and makes me a better teacher! YOU are that person! Appreciate you so very much!!!

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