Procrastination Queen


#sol17- Day 4/31 March 4, 2017

A Short Slice Because I Have Lots to Do!

When you have been a teacher as long as I have you should have it down to a science, right? After all, when I started teaching we used mimeograph “machines”, there were no computers in the classroom, I couldn’t use the internet to get lesson ideas, and so many other time savers had not been invented yet. ff3f6112dbecfb8d2ce7a42cf848aec4

So, why is it that I am still such a procrastinator when it comes to classroom jobs that I avoid!?! I make deals and deadlines with myself to try to combat this syndrome. I impose artificially early goals so that I have wiggle room in case I do not succeed.

Student led conferences are Tuesday and Wednesday and I know what a lot of work these entail. I really did start early, but here I am on Saturday morning busily adding my “teacher comments” to all of their agendas (thank goodness for Google Classroom, which allows me to do this from the comfort of my couch). One job done (but I note not all students have finished their part- oh, Monday will be busy!). Next job is assessing their writing end of unit on demands- a job that always takes way longer than the time I think it will. Of course, that means I will have data to enter in my assessment folder.

I have plenty of other jobs I have to do before Tuesday, but I need to pace myself so that I still feel that crushing pressure of impending deadlines, so that is all the work I have planned for today. By Sunday I will undoubtedly have worked myself up into a tither, mostly self-inflicted… You should see the list I am making for what I have to get done on Monday! Then there is Tuesday’s list. I know it will all get done, but, man, I could really make life easier on myself by not pushing things to the limit. Maybe one day.

23 thoughts on “Procrastination Queen

  1. barbara suter

    To me the answer is obvious. Teachers have too much to do and they expect too much of themselves. Try to scale down your expectations…I think your procrastination is trying to tell you something. 🙂

  2. Lisa V

    My husband often asks me at noon on Sunday afternoons, “Are you in control of your to-do list or are you going to get the (dreaded!) Sundays?” — those teacher-with-too-much-to-do blues! If you figure out the secret, be sure to post that message, too! (and I love the mimeograph picture!)

  3. Kristi Lonheim (@lonheim)

    I think part of it comes from knowing that you CAN do it and that it WILL get done and that you don’t really need that much time. Can you tell I am the same way and can help us justify our behavior? 🙂 Good luck with conferences, they do take so much work.

  4. MAK

    Oh my! I feel your pain. We use the student led model for winter conferences and every year we swear we will start early and every year we are scrambling last minute. Sometimes I think it would be better to just accept that it will be hectic.

  5. 💜 the purple lady (@th_purpl_lady)

    There is always so much to do! Sometimes I wonder if technology and all its time-savings has actually made things more complicated. I do love all that we can do in our classrooms now. I am such a procrastinator too. It’s a lifestyle for me—crazy yet normal.

  6. blkdrama

    I don’t miss that race to the finish, but I do remember those mimeos… all the wasted time when you put a fully typed sheet on that cylinder and the person before you flooded the machine with ink and your sheet was ruined before you had a chance… ugh… but I did get off on the aroma…
    What a memory….
    So glad we left that bit of equipment behind, don’t you think?

  7. wonderingandwondering

    First, I remember the old mimeograph machine. My mom was our school secretary, and she would come home with purple stains on her hands and smelling of the wonderful fluid that powered the machine. I remember how warm and damp the papers would feel, too, after they had been run off. Second, you are in incredibly good company with procrastination. I really think I’m the Queen of it. Someone said earlier, and I agree, that we do know that it’ll get done. Well, it usually does. I don’t want to be that person. Please let us know if you figure it out. Please!

  8. maryannreilly

    I think i still have some of that purple dye on my fingertips:)

    Attending to learning–especially writing is onerous. It takes such time. I can recall when I was a HS Eng teacher measuring my weekends by the amount of responding I got done. A good weekend was one where I got through the box (yes box) of papers.

    Wishing you some quiet time this weekend (and the next).

  9. sallydonnelly11

    My P-T conferences were 1/2 day Thursday and and all day Friday and by 4pm Friday, I was talked out and exhausted. And I have no plans created yet for Monday. And I still have my writing on-demands to grade from the last unit, nonfiction. I love writing but can’t seem to get all of it done like grading and inputting the data for on-demands. But I celebrate that my Thursday Publishing Party was a magical 30 minutes with lots of parents and grandparents and friends attending. And I celebrate that it is March and I can enjoy posts like this one with that mimeograph machine that I used my first year of teaching! And I celebrate that I’ll have something in place by Monday. And that my to do list is never-ending! Plus, next week we can vote for our March Book Madness (so glad you told me about that!) I guess you can tell I like to focus on the fun things I am doing and somehow, the other stuff does get done! Hang in there!

  10. Amy Warntz! Thank you for the flashback of the good old ditto machine. About procrastination, I couldn’t agree with you more. So much to do and so little time and then we both go ahead and participate in a writing challenge for the month of March, which has 31 days. Not 30 days or 28, 31 days. What were we thinking??? I wish you well on getting it done! ~Amy

  11. quotesphotosandwonders

    There does never seem to be enough time even when we prepare! I make deals with myself as well, and then I give myself breaks, and then I’m annoyed at myself for not accomplishing everything! Hang in there, it always seems to get done.


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