Carrots and Sticks


#sol17- Day 5/31

Carrots and Sticks

If you read yesterday’s post you know that I procrastinate. One of my fix up strategies for this is to set goals and rewards (sticks and carrots) . This being the weekend before Student Led Conferences I  knew it would be a busy weekend of school work (and procrastination techniques), so while I did not go away with a few friends to a beautiful resort for a getaway I did have other “carrots”. Jamie and I planned to go to Ippudo  for lunch today. I employed my other tactic to get there- I set my timer for 10 minutes at a time (the length of time I imagined it should take to read and assess each writing on demand). Realistically some took much longer and a few were quicker. It came time to go and I still had two to go, so I packed them in my bag in case I was early. I waited downstairs in the apartment lobby for a ridiculously long time while I waited for my GrabCar to arrive (rainy days are a killer here for traffic). Instead of sitting down and getting them done I watched the GPS on my phone- silly me. Once I arrived at the mall I got super lost finding Jamie, but that was okay, as she was lost finding me too. We enjoyed delicious ramen (see page 27 to see our choice) even though we did not strictly speaking follow the sip, slurp, top, advice. After some great conversation, our break was over and we parted determined to get more work done.

Now I am back to the stick part of my deal making- two more writing pieces to get assessed, then on to the next jobs. If I get enough done my next carrot will be a pedicure later this evening…I am setting my timer, now! GO!

9 thoughts on “Carrots and Sticks

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Such a great idea! I need to do this more. I have a stack of writing that I need to finish assessing. Carrots and sticks is a great idea! I want to know more about student-led conferences. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. Donna Smith

    A very good way to make yourself keep on track. I used to do similar things – you’ve reminded me to try it again. I need to deep clean a few spots in the house, and it keeps getting pushed down to the bottom of the “to do” list. Maybe a Latte Macchiato break would be just the thing to “get ‘er done”!

  3. franmcveigh

    I love this slice as this is so me. I can read for “x” minutes AFTER I complete this task. It’s usually a Win/Win because I am getting something that I want as well as the work done. However, there are always a few tasks that just don’t seem to make it onto the list – cleaning types . . .! 🙂

  4. vanessaw2007

    I do this too! I especially like the timer idea since it helps me stay on track and realize how much I actually can get done in 10-15 min. Now.. just a few more minutes before I work on my taxes….

  5. thelogonauts

    I think it’s important to teach kids that even adults don’t always want to get things done – but we figure out how to motivate ourselves! (My pro-procrastination post appeared on day 3.)

  6. Amy Warntz

    Very clever! I love the idea of carrots and sticks. I think I’ll set some goals myself and set some carrots as a reward. Good luck this week! I know you’ll get it all finished!

  7. sallydonnelly11

    Erika, so glad you added the link to the restaurant. Yummy!! Also, my teammate is Tammy who is . It has been fun to see that you both have commented to each other. She took your Flipgrid idea and ran with it in math class. Her kids recorded math word problems using the grid and then they watched and answered!! Thanks for “collaborating” with us in Virginia. Have a good week with conferences! I hope you reach all your goals and get all your rewards!!


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