Tick, Tick, Tick!


#sol17- Day 6/31 March 6, 2017

So today was the day for all the pieces to fall in place and it started out so well- no students absent!

Student led conferences are the next two days and they are new to our community, so grade 3 is piloting them and we want them to be a success. In the morning we would have a last chance to gather materials, organize and print agendas, and get last minute details sorted. All went well and we held a practice with half of the students playing parents and the other half leading their conference. After a debriefing session where these insightful students laid out what they had learned from the practice that would help them in their real conference the students left for recess, snack, two specials, recess, and lunch (yes, that is a long time!). After that we had a few minutes of rechecking that materials were in order and we were all set to have the other half of the class get a chance to practice when dun, dun, dun… the lockdown drill sounded! Fortunately, the class sprang into action and we huddled under desks and tables waiting fairly silently. The alarm went on and on and on and then it went on some more. Our already short time for practice was halved. The afternoon students only got about fifteen minutes of practice before our tech integrator walked in to introduce Google Sites to the students. After a quick session with him, we spent a few extra minutes tidying the classroom and detoured on our way to dismissal to preview the book fair that will be open during the conference days.

So now, whatever will be will be- so much for my carefully timed afternoon!


6 thoughts on “Tick, Tick, Tick!

  1. onathought

    Ugh! Painful to have time gone like that, especially when it had been going so well! “whatever will be will be” is my philosophy in those situations too. 🙂

  2. sallydonnelly11

    Your post shows a very caring teacher, a very flexible teacher, and a very annoyed reader (me because I hate drills!). Why is it that the teacher is the one who has to remain calm and flexible with SO many balls in the air?? But we do. We do it because we care so much about our students! Have great conferences today!!

  3. justjantos

    I love it! I can just imagine all of your kids, eager to practice and some so eager to act as parents:) I know that they will rock their conferences, you have nothing to worry about. What will be, will be….AWESOME!

  4. terierrol

    It is so hard to control our schedules in school – so many unexpected obstacles, distractions, etc. Good Luck, hope these conferences go well.


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