Things I Learned in My First Pilates Class


#sol17- Day 7/31 March 7, 2017

Last week this sounded like a very good idea, this morning it sounded like an okay idea, at 4:40 when I walked in late to class it sounded ludicrous. Let me explain…

I took up yoga pretty recently, so when I was suffering from a hurt back after my weekly yoga I do not think twice about it. Then Ellen talked about her aches and pains after yoga (and she, unlike me is actually fit). She went to a chiropractor and an osteopath and was told that her pains were yoga-induced and that they see a lot of yoga injuries due to various reasons. She then decided to try Maggie’s “Pilates for broken bodies”. Maggie talks about her injuries and says that this class is fabulous and the instructor is very attentive to each person’s needs and abilities.

Ellen tried it last week (or was it the week before?) and loved it, so I was determined to give it a try. Bear in mind that I am overweight, totally out of shape, and have never exercised in a gym in my life. The first day of student led conferences would end at 3 for me, so it seemed reasonable that I could dash to the Embassy to pick up my passport card and then meet Ellen at the class. Cue rain!

I walked to a busy intersection to get a taxi after picking up the card. When I did not see any taxis in sight I called one and watched his progress via the app. After no movement for a few minutes, he called me for clarification as to where I was (I was at the address I had entered in the taxi app, but I humored him and told him). A few more minutes passed by and he called to ask me again where I was. I repeated the address and the name of the business I was standing in front of and he said he was stuck in traffic.

“I see the traffic is moving well where I am, ” I answered.

“I am canceling,” he responded. Grrr!

After waving unsuccessfully for a taxi I finally caught the eye of a driver across the road and at the lights he u-turned and came to collect me.

In the meantime Ellen texted me- it was 4:26 and she had arrived for the 4:30 class and she was ready to show me the way. I texted back to go in without me and said I would meet her inside, which I did a few minutes later.

So, here is what I learned in my first ever Pilates class:

  1. I am dreadfully out of shape.
  2. I am not certain I have “tummy” muscles. Every time Tanya, the sweet instructor called out, “Tummy, tummy, tummy,” we were to try to tighten our muscles more and push them down. I mostly just held my breath and hoped for the best.
  3. It is intimidating when one of the teachers at school who I consider most fit is in your class.
  4. Pilates involves lots of extras- there were squishy balls, weights, bands, rings, and more.
  5. There are a lot of staff members who work out at school (the class was held at our MS/HS campus in the fitness room and there were tons of people outside, in the next rooms, etc. exercising in one form or another).
  6. I sweated less in Pilates today than in yoga in the past (not sure what that says).
  7. I need to start exercising regularly (okay, I did not learn that today, but it was reinforced).
  8. I am not sure if Pilates will be my thing.I better go a few more times to decide.
  9. I should have brought water.
  10. I do not find exercise fun.

3 thoughts on “Things I Learned in My First Pilates Class

  1. Your list of lessons is fantastic! I, too, don’t naturally love exercising and I’m really self-conscious when there are a lot of poeple I know around. I admire you for trying something new and for your commitment to going a few more times!

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