That Happy/Sad Feeling


#sol17- Day 8/31- March 8, 2017

Today we finished Student Led Conferences and as I left for the day I had a happy/sad feeling.

Happy because they are over and with 100% attendance there are none to make up.

Sad because they are over and that means this class will move on soon.

Happy because this was our school’s first time doing student led conferences and grade 3 was the pilot group.

Sad because we already have lots of ideas to tweak them and wish we had thought of some things sooner.

Happy because the students owned their conference.

Sad because not all parents could see the progress, even with the evidence in their hands (but I could!).

Happy because now we have only a week and a half until a week’s break.

Sad because I know that after spring break somehow students feel like school is “almost over” and there’s lots left to do.

Happy that many of my students sliced about their conferences and felt good about them.

13 thoughts on “That Happy/Sad Feeling

  1. Congratulations on completing student-led conferences and on recognizing the positives and having ideas how to tweak things for next year! I really enjoyed the structure of your piece and the recognition that there are so often two opposing emotions occurring simultaneously.

  2. Erika, I am so glad your student-led conferences were such a positive experience. We have yet to delve into them. Maybe we could connect and talk about how you set them up?

  3. I love doing student-led conferences. Lots of parents at my current school are very suspicious of the idea. They often told me that they were worried I wouldn’t tell them the whole truth with the child sitting there. LOL I assured them that the child and I were both telling the whole truth! Many left their children at home because they were worried about what the kid would hear. Funny.

  4. Congrats on completing your first student led conferences, as well as being the risk taker in your school for offering to do the pilot. It can be nerve jangly taking something new on.

    Each year it’ll get easier as you’ll refine what you did previously.

  5. I use to videotape each studentin class sharing their progress and then share the video at parent/student/teacher and then the parent had the video as a keepsake. This year I will be videotaping the conference itself with the student sharing for the parent and myself. I use a Swivl so it allows me be hands free. I will be able to email the parent the video later. I would love to hear more about your student led conferences…how long for each conference and what did the student share?

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