Poets’ Eyes


#sol17- Day 13/31 March 13, 2017

We started our poetry unit

 my students are wowing me

 they know where to put the words

 to create the images

and evoke the emotion

sharing bravely

It is times like this that I am reminded

we are all teachers

we are all learners

and those that look at the world with poets’ eyes

can write to my heart.

11 thoughts on “Poets’ Eyes

  1. We are in this unit with our 2nd graders! It’s amazing what students will come up with when they are taught to see things in a new way! Enjoy watching the creativity!

  2. I’m always so amazed by how kids just “get” poetry and surprise you with the most beautiful imagery. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel that confident in writing poetry that I am surprised when it flows so easily from children.

  3. You are open to being astounded and amazed and this is important when immersing ourselves and our young poets in the joy and wonder of poetry. The world needs its poets to each play a part.

  4. I love your last lines! Did you get Kwame Alexander’s new anthology Out of Wonder? So beautiful! I’m so glad your students are loving poetry. Tomorrow is Pi Day- you could do Piku! (3 syllables, 1 syllable, 4 syllables) I wanted to do this with my students but we are bound to have a snow day here!

  5. You sound so proud. I’m always amazed at how deeply students can dig when they write poetry. Congrats on your inspiration for your students. Savor it.

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