The Weather Calculation Game


#sol17- Day 14/31 March 14, 2017

I have to admit I NEVER look at a weather forecast here. For giant swathes of time you know what to expect; it is always hot and at certain times of year you can anticipate a late afternoon/early evening thunderstorm.

Today after school I had my after school activity, then I hitched a ride to my second ever Pilates class (see last week for lesson #1). As the class progressed the sky outside darkened, so that by 5:30 when class was ending it was pretty dark in the fitness room, in spite of the wall of glass exposing us to the scrutiny of every passer by (okay, maybe my insecurities imagined the careful looks, as I am pretty sure nobody was interested in what we were doing).

I was happy to get a taxi pretty quickly and I only got a few drops of rain on me as I scurried to the car and here is where I had to choose my odds. Would I be able to make it to the mall next door to home and pick up a take away dinner, or should I head straight home? There was almost no traffic, thunder was rumbling, but the sky had not fully opened, so I decided to take on the weather challenge.

I got to the mall, changed out of my sweatpants in the bathroom (oh vanity, a few minutes lost) and headed downstairs. Now I was torn- pizza or a sub? Pizza would be more delicious, more filling, and take longer. A sub would be quicker and cheaper, and after all I was not that hungry.

I went with a sub, but by the time I made ouside it was raining, hard! Now another calculation- to wait out the storm or make a dash for it? I decided to brave the storm, after all, I had an umbrella and my building is nearby. I opened my umbrella only to have it turn inside out- useless! Then I decided to continue on my way. I carried my two bags and yoga mat and made my way across the construction site between the two buildings. All was well until I hit street level- it always floods on the “protected area” for pedestrians. Taking giant steps I tried to guess where the more shallow parts of puddles were and balanced one Birkenstocked foot at a time as I made my way through the muddy path.

I arrived home drenched, but not muddy- and I will take that as a win, as the rain is still pummeling the pavement outside and I know I would have run out of patience being stranded away from home.


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