Today Was Hard


#sol17- Day 15/31 March 15, 2017

Today was hard- really hard. Students were upset- upset with me and each other. Days like this hit me hard because it matters. I want us all to feel good and safe and happy at school, and some days it just feels like the balance is not there. I am hoping it was just a blip and that tomorrow will be better. When there are days like this I look inward first- what did I do that I could have done differently. I will admit that today I was a bit at a loss- there did not seem to be any one thing, so I looked at several things. Next, I look for solutions- how can I help to make things better? In this case I talked to the people who seemed most involved and affected. I also talked to the whole class and told them that I never wanted them to feel like I do not care or that someone is a favorite and they are not. I want them all to feel valued, because they are who they are. Finally, and here is my current struggle, I look forward- how can I help to prevent these kinds of days again? I think here that catching upset earlier may help (or at least that is my hope).

Here I sit, still mulling things over long after the school day is over. I sometimes wish I could turn off the “replays” in my brain. It all makes me think of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Some days can be like that, even in Kuala Lumpur.

13 thoughts on “Today Was Hard

  1. mbhmaine

    I’m so sorry you had a difficult day. I know that feeling and the constant replays and self-questioning–and occasional self-recrimination. Clearly you’re doing the important work of reflecting and it sounds like you’ve figured out a path forward. I wish you the best. Here’s hoping today is a better day for you all–I’m sure it will be!

  2. Ramona

    With the kind of self reflection that you engaged in, today is bound to be better. But I know the pain of mulling things over and wishing the replays would end. I’m filing away your three reflections (What could I have done differently, look for solutions, look forward) for my next terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. The gift of a new day is one that I look forward to every day.

  3. parkers

    We all have days like this. Sometimes I think the best attitude is just to get through it and start fresh the next day. With first graders, I do find tightening things up, even though it takes a ton a energy, can help.

  4. Michelle Haseltine

    Oh friend, those days are so difficult! They just stink. I wish I had answers. I don’t, but I do have faith…in you, your students. It won’t always be like this! Thank you for sharing this hard day. It makes me feel less alone when I have mine!

  5. terierrol

    It is difficult when things go badly. I hope your investigating helps you identify and solve future issues. I think just having the students know you care so much should help solve the problems. Best of luck!

  6. Ashley ❤ (@AshleyLS_16)

    Oh, those days are so hard. How you’re handling it is an inspiration – you aren’t blaming it on the moon, on the universe, on the kids, but reflecting deep down on what you can do to support your students. Kudos to you!

  7. Ms. Pesta

    Hate days like that, but you do know tomorrow will be better. Did you ever try to just stop at the moment you have a bad day, then you and the kids start the day all over again. Everyone can walk through the door again and then you get to cross your fingers.

  8. Alan j Wright

    I agree with Mary Ann. share your reflections regarding the day and ask them for suggestions to make the day better for all of you. Invest in them as problem solvers. A new day. A refreshed attitude and approach. Every teacher experiences such days. Your reflectiveness is healthy. I have no doubt it will ensure a better day will follow. Wishing you a great return to the classroom. May you find joy in a new day.


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