How to Get in Break Mode


#sol17- Day 18/31- March 18, 2017

Nothing says relaxation to me more than a massage. Luckily for me, I now live in a land of cheap massages!

Today was the start of our “Spring Break” and the only thing on my agenda was to get my first massage of break- where to go? My old standby is cheap and cheerful (less than $20 for 90 minutes), but this was break- time for a little splurge (truth be told last Saturday I also treated myself to a fancier massage to celebrate conferences being over, but, shh!). I narrowed it down to two choices- the spa at the Mandarin Oriental (where I have a voucher for 50% off) or another lovely spot where a friend had gifted me a massage that I had not yet redeemed. I went with the latter because I knew I could show up whenever I wanted.

I chose a Thai massage with scented coconut oil and settled in for 90 minutes of kneading and stretching- just what I needed! I always feel like I disappoint masseuses, as they can never get my shoulder muscles to relax, but she sure gave it a try.

I am already trying to figure out how many more massages I can fit in before in before break ends. A colleague has told me about a nice spot just down the road from where I will be staying Monday-Friday in Luang Prabang, Laos, so my future looks promising. Then there is the “get ready to go back to school” treat I will likely book at the Mandarin. I have downloaded a few new books on my Kindle, bought a new notebook and pens, so after some school work tomorrow (I decided I would rather do it the first Sunday of break than the last) I will be in full on vacation mode. Ahhhhh!

10 thoughts on “How to Get in Break Mode

  1. Andrea Clark

    I love that you’re trying to figure out how to get as many massages as possible in your spring break. I love getting massages when I’m on break; they help me pamper myself a little and relax. Enjoy your break!

  2. vendija723

    Oh my goodness, that sounds heavenly. I have only treated myself to a handful of professional massages during my life, because I do NOT live in the land of cheap massages. But I have loved the ones I’ve gotten, and I will always remember the year two colleagues and I went up to a spa the first day of summer break. It really is a terrific way to launch a vacation.

  3. terierrol

    I am so envious of your massages. Nothing better. It reminds me of one of my younger roommates in Boston who was studying massage and needed to practice – on me. I got to have the massage in my own bed, then roll over and go to sleep. Pure bliss. Time for me to look forward to a massage also.Enjoy yours.

  4. cmargocs

    I am so overdue for a massage! I can’t imagine getting them as often as you are able; they would break my bank here! Maybe I can talk the husband into a back rub as a fill-in.

  5. Ms. Pesta

    Perfect way to celebrate a break! Jealous since I live in the land of expensive massages. Never tried a Thai massage before. I imagine the Mandarin Oriental massage will be well worth it also.
    What books did you download?

  6. Kristi Lonheim (@lonheim)

    I so understand! It is still a week and a half before I get to Bangkok and I am already looking forward to the massages. It has not been a successful day without at least one! I love this line, “I always feel like I disappoint masseuses, as they can never get my shoulder muscles to relax, but she sure gave it a try.” I had never thought about it this way. My shoulds often start out as hard as a table. It is very often that they don’t start to feel like a ‘normal human’ until a few sessions in. Ah, so excited. Enjoy!


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