Easing Back to Routines


#sol17- Day 25/31- March 25, 2017

Today was my day to ease into reality. I arrived back yesterday afternoon. After beginning to unpack I threw a load of laundry in and read and watched another episode of Downton Abbey before making a move. Once it was afternoon, I could feel a familiar pull- time to check out the book store. I came away with nine books and one pen. Three books are more copies of books I already own, so partners can read books together, three are from a series I only had one of, and three are “stories around the world” versions of fairy tales, so that each book contains three or four versions of the same fairy tale, each from a different country. Next week we finish our character book club unit and all students should have finished their last book club book over break (hmm, will they really have done that…?), so I thought that with the remaining days they could choose any book or series in the class to read with a friend or two. The fairy tales are for the writing unit that will start in a few weeks.


I then made a visit to the store where I buy my stationery- another addiction. I wanted to buy some more pens and a few things to surprise a few of my slicers with- pens, stickies, and small notebooks.

My last stop was to start a new routine. I have started to learn a bit about essential oils and while my new electronic diffuser sits unused I decided to buy an aroma pot with small tea candles because my hotel in Luang Prabang had lit one each evening in my room and I enjoyed it. While I was there I picked up a set with rattan sticks too, that I may bring to my classroom. This new routine is my attempt at stress reduction, so I am hoping it works.

Now on to an attempt to get a bit of work done, so that I have an easier day tomorrow (trying to get in one last massage over break tomorrow). Here is to routines that soothe me and routines that help me get things done!

6 thoughts on “Easing Back to Routines

  1. sallydonnelly11

    As I read all the things you bought, I am recalling placing the first post-it up in the character reading unit – Notice how the character talks and acts. I know SO much about you, by noticing your actions and choice of things to buy. Caring/considerate because she wants all to have a book to read. Planner/visionary because she gets books in anticipation of the Unit 4 writing unit. Thoughtful because she is purchasing pens to give away. Quiet/Reserved because she is starting a new routine with hopes of it reducing stress. Thanks for a post that allowed me to work on my reading deeply about a character today!!

    On a different topic, I could see you and I presenting at a national conference. We could share our story of 2 third grade teachers connecting even with a 12 hour time difference. My break isn’t until April 8th. I plan to look do some research to see what conferences are coming up and when proposals are due. Just a thought…I have loved the nudges we (mostly you to me) have given this year to teach our students literacy better. And then we could meet in person!! It may or may not work out but I’m still going to share what I find out through my research. Have a good first day back with your students.

    1. Ms Victor Reads Post author

      I loved how you used my words to “read me”! We should definitely meet in real life (and presenting together would be so much fun!)- let me know what you find (we could Skype me in if I am not in the US). Let’s keep working together to find new ways to connect:)

  2. blkdrama

    I loved moving through your routine. It gives me ideas… I remember loving the book store shopping. Now I just fill up my Kindle with samples and never can I find a pen in my bag. No more writing with utensils… How strange.


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