Easy to Know Me


#sol17- Day 26/31- March 26, 2017

I had a whole different post written when I got the text… “There’s a great book sale on at x, super good discounts.” I tell you what, this is someone who knows how to get me interested in shopping! So I already book shopped yesterday, but you can be sure that as soon as this thunderstorm ends I will walk on over and check it out. To know me at all is to know the few things that will always make me smile- and one of them is books (now books on sale is a bonus!). Nobody can accuse me of being a person of mystery- you have your vices and I have mine.

7 thoughts on “Easy to Know Me

  1. I could spend the whole day browsing in a good book store. I could spend my entire fortune on books (if I had a fortune). Enjoy shopping!

  2. Oh Terrific! You remind me to check to see when the next library sale will be! Hope you share the bargains found!

  3. Book buying is my vice too! A 9th grade student, who I knew was an inveterate reader, once asked me what the best part of being an adult was. Without hesitation, I told him that I could go to the bookstore whenever I wanted, and if I wanted to spend all of my post rent and bills money to go to books, no one could tell me I couldn’t. 🙂

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