Measuring Time


#sol17- Day 27/31- March 27, 2017

Looking at the blurb at the start of today’s  SOL call I was struck by how we measure time.

27 out of 31 days feels like a LOT of time for the SOL challenge, yet a colleague just remarked how quickly her 2-month maternity leave has gone by and how grateful she is that she has decided to take 2 1/2 more months unpaid leave to give her a total of 6 months of leave (including summer). That seems like such a short time when I consider I took “off” 7 years when my children were young.

We are starting our last quarter at school tomorrow (although not mathematically, because this last quarter is much longer). It has hard to believe how quickly the year is going by, yet it feels like forever ago that I was in the US.

I am waiting to hear if I got into Teachers College this summer and it feels like I have been waiting forever, but realistically I know it has only been just over 4 weeks. It will be just about the same length of time longer until my older son comes to visit- which he says is coming up soon, so he wants to start planning.

I know my third graders feel this same fuzziness in measuring time- waiting for things to happen seems to depend on how eagerly we anticipate it. I don’t know about them, but I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow- Spring Break was great, but I missed them!

6 thoughts on “Measuring Time

  1. cmargocs

    Time is relative! Someone once told me that the reason time seems shorter for us as we get older is because we have so much time behind us that the days seem compacted. After I read your post, I realized that we only have four more days left in the challenge!

  2. parkers

    I remember waiting to see if I got into Teacher’s College. I hope you are able to go! It seems when we are waiting for something the waiting part takes so long. But then, looking back it seems shorted. Life is weird that way.

  3. lindabaie

    I enjoyed all the examples you gave. My oldest granddaughter’s birthday is in just a couple of weeks, but it seems like forever to her. She’s been talking about it since Christmas!

  4. Anne Donnelly

    Another slicer wrote on a similar topic towards the beginning of the month. She did some research that said when something is a new experience, our brain records it in much more detail which makes time seem slower. But once we are habituated to the routine, less detail is recorded and time seems to move faster! It inspired me to seek out as many new experiences as possible to makes time SLOW DOWN before the end of May when I will leave France for the US…

  5. mrssurridge

    What an interesting reflection. It really makes you think about what goes quickly and what drags. Sometimes things feel like they do both. I feel like I’ve had this class forever because I know them so well, but I also feel like the year just started. Our brains are such amazing things. I really enjoyed reading this.


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