Wow! This Is Really “The Rainy Season”!


#sol17- April 25, 2017

The rainy season here usually ends by now, but wow, not this year!

Today we were on our way to Pilates after school- traffic was crazy bad and it was dry, so the rain could not even be an excuse. “What in the world was going on?” I wondered as it was just before 4 and traffic is usually okayish then. We knew the rain was coming- the sky had darkened and promptly at 3:45 when after school activities end and the kids have to head to the buses the lightning alarm had gone off.

We crept along the highway and then the skies opened up. Violent thunderstorms are the norm here, but this time the rain was pelting down too. My friend, Maggie turned her windshield wipers to high, but still struggled to see. Within seconds the road was flooded. Traffic really crawled then. During heavy rains the many motorcyclists often take refuge under overpasses, water was gushing down all around them.

Drivers do not believe in leaving distance here, so it was tight quarters. We edged onto the main highway again where 3 two lane roads merge into one two lane road- not for the faint hearted with all the rain! Then we passed some construction sites on the hill nearby and instead of water it was thick, sandy water cascading down the hillside and covering the road. Still her car battled through. Finally we got close to our destination- the roads were less flooded and the rain had slowed to a heavy storm.

Parking we heaved a sigh of relief to brave the walk to the fitness room. We arrive drenched, more than 30 minutes late, but with another crazy rainy drive under our bet. It took us more than an hour to drive the 6 km). Ready to exercise!


This picture is actually from 2 weeks ago- different route.


Ah, the feeling of confidence as you drive by a mini van that is this deep!











***A few slices from 3rd graders who can’t stop!


Zhi Hong


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