Service with a Smile (on a Holiday)!


#sol17- May 2, 2017

Yesterday I was so grateful for a holiday (May Day=Labor Day here) It is report writing season and next weekend my son will be in town and the following weekend I will be out of town for a workshop, so I really needed this extra day to “get ahead”.

I woke up in ready to get an early start. I turned on the computer-no wifi. I did not panic- this often happens, especially lately, so I went over to restart the modem. When that did not work I was still calm and pressed the reset button. Still no wifi. By now I was feeling a little discouraged, but I knew I could work around the issue. My plan was to open Pages on my computer but use the 4G on my phone to check the data I needed for math and ELA to make some notes in preparation to write comments. As I opened Pages I noted that I must have had a similar issue last year at this time because there were math comments from last year in the Pages folder. Oh, dear!

I decided to report the issue to my internet company, but since it was 8:30 on a holiday morning I was not at all sure there would be anyone on duty. After listening to my options in English, Bahasa, and Mandarin (this is Malaysia after all) I ended up with more buttons to press to get to a “reporting an issue” waiting queue. Imagine my surprise when less than a minute later I was speaking to a real live person (bonus that she spoke English well and was patient and kind). She suggested a few fixes for me, but sadly I had tried them already. Then she tried to reset things from her end, no luck. She asked me to type in a set of numbers on my computer (even though I explained I had no ethernet option with my Mac Air) no luck there either. She then said she would fill out a report and that a technician would work on the issue the next day. If the “fault” was external it could be fixed without entering the apartment, but if it turned out to be internal an appointment would have to be fixed. If it turned out that a new modem/router was required I could pay on my next bill (about $50) or sign a new service contract and get the replacement for free. Ah well, I had not really expected anything could be done on a holiday anyway. Taking a chance, I asked whether it was possible for a technician to come that day but was told that due to the holiday it was unlikely. After thanking the kind woman I went on with my plan b of working with Pages rather than Google docs.

After writing for a bit I was surprised when the phone rang. The man on the other end identified himself as a technician and asked if I was at home. As I was, he said he would be there in about 15 minutes. Now time is a nebulous thing here- in part because of the horrible traffic, but it also seems to be a culture of “no rush”, so I started working again. Less than 10 minutes later my doorbell rang.

Once inside this young man busted all my previous preconceptions of how this service call would go. First, he took off his shoes before entering the apartment (yahoo!). Next, he was friendly, spoke English well, and was kind to my cat (who seemed to fall in love with him- surprising because she is usually very wary of strangers). After working on the router for a few minutes (trying to restart and reset) he deemed the router kaput, whipped out a replacement, and installed it. Within two minutes he had entered my username and password and I was good to go.

After thanking him profusely I was back to work- cutting and pasting from Pages into Google docs and appreciating my new wifi connection (which actually, come to think of it seems faster than before). My day to get work done was back on track.

Later I received a survey about the service call. I rated both the woman on the phone and the technician a “10”. I had imagined a push and pull of setting up appointments and rearranging my schedule to be home for service calls that may or may not have actually happened. This was such a win! I LOVE when a problem is easily solved!

*** Slices from 3rd graders who just keep writing! Sejin, Juliet, Zhi Hong

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