Getting Stressy


#sol17- May 9, 2017

We have hit that crazy, busy it is not quite the end of semester, but we have to get common assessments, report writing done time of year! It is a domino effect of sprinting to the end of the year and it is never a straight path.

A few weeks ago my son (the one on South Korea) informed me that he would stop here for the weekend on his way to Thailand. He knew it was report writing time, but hoped that I could arrange my work so that I could spend time with him. What mother could resist that?! I started my report writing early and thanks to a few well placed local holidays I was feeling okay with my progress when he arrived Friday evening. My plan was to sneak in work when I could (he has always been a late sleeper, but he told me this is not the case when he travels).

Saturday morning I woke at 5:30 (darn that internal alarm- on school days I get up at 5:15, but really would love to sleep later on weekends) and jumped out of bed to do lesson planning. I worked more efficiently than usual, as I was unsure how much time I would have. To my surprise, I did the bulk of my planning before my son (who I maintain is part vampire due to his sleeping habits) finally got moving. We eventually went out and did some touristy things and had a great day.

Sunday morning, same scenario-5:30 wide awake and I jumped out of bed. This time I decided to work on reports (which I really did not think I would get to during his visit). I managed to write the language arts section for all but one of my students before he was ready to head out the door (truth- we did not get out the door until after 2:00 both days, hence my productivity).

This weekend reminded me of a few things:

  1. Jason’s idea of not sleeping late and mine are different (he will say he was awake, but definitely not ready to go anywhere).
  2. It is better to go into time with him without an agenda- when I have tried to plan ahead in the past I always get frustrated by his lack of timeliness- this time I took it as a gift of time.
  3. If I am up against a deadline I work better- I was more efficient writing and planning this weekend than usual.
  4. I enjoy my sons!
  5. With a weekend visitor and the upcoming weekend being a weekend workshop/pd I have really put myself under pressure to get things done.
  6. I will get it done!

Tomorrow is Wesak (a Buddhist holiday) and my son left yesterday so I will use lots of the day to get math comments written (of course all of these comments will have to be tweaked as common assessments get done in the next week or so). One foot in front of the other after an early night tonight!



*** Some third graders keep slicing! Zhi Hong


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