Time to Breathe


#sol17- May 23, 2017

Today feels like my deadline day, although it is not really. Let me explain…

Grade 3’s report comments are due to our assistant principal on Thursday. On Wednesday during school we have our collaborative team meeting that takes up our whole planning block, so no time there. After school, the math team has our last meeting of the year at a restaurant nearer to home than school, so I will not go back to school to work after. On Thursday during our planning, we have a short meeting before a mandatory assembly for a retiring administrator. After school, we have a farewell party for her, which feels required.

All that means that today feels like the deadline for reports, even though I know I will have snippets of time, maybe, in the following two days. And here’s the other thing- our last day of school is June 9th.

Yesterday I made plans with a colleague to stay late today and slog through. We decided to work, work, work, and then take a quick dinner break as a treat before working some more. Later last night we got an email that our school server would be down for an hour or so from 5:45- ugh, change of plan.

This afternoon we convened for plan b. We decided right after school we would walk to a nearby coffee shop to get some caffeine and a treat to fuel our work, as we needed a walk first. The coffee shop is right near the school but sadly it was closed- maybe forever- it is hard to know, as there was no sign. Unfortunately the only option left was a convenience shop, where we grabbed a cold soda and chips- not really the treat we envisioned, but at least we had something to keep us going.

Today I am grateful to Jamie, for reminding me to breathe! 5:45 was our time to leave and we promised each other we would be productive tonight. So, as I impatiently wait for a taxi in the storm, I tap a few lines on my phone. I have my comments written and proofread, now I just have to cut and paste them into the separate sections of the reports and fill out what feels like 101 indicators for each student. Breathe- it WILL all get done, I remind myself. With any luck by the time I get home the system will be back up and I can make a bit more progress.




*** More from third grade slicers who keep going: Zhi Hong, Sejin

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