#sol17- May 30, 2017

We are lucky this year that we have finished our math units before the end of the year. What to do with the “extra time”? We decided to regroup the third graders into 6 groups, based on their most pressing needs. I have the subtraction group. There are always kids who just are not ready for subtraction when it is taught at the start of the year, so I was looking forward to a chance to reteach. We started last week and each day I am focusing on one strategy, with the goal being that they find at least two they really understand. It has been so fun to see the light bulbs go off- so far favorites seem to be the compensation method and decompose and subtract. I bought Heinemann’s Math in Practice mid-year and read the subtraction section to prepare myself. I had never taught the decompose and subtract method by only decomposing the subtrahend- using this method has really helped many students. Today a group of students who were previously a bit insecure with subtraction rocked it! We are keeping the learning going in these last days of school (7 1/2 days left) and it is “making a difference”! Today I am grateful for another chance to teach (and learn)!



***Amazing third graders who keep slicing: Sejin, Juliet, and Zhi Hong!

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