Virtual Becoming Reality!


#sol17- June 20, 2017

I flew from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong to New York City on Friday (almost 24 hours of travel time-ugh). Saturday I wandered the city a bit, but on Sunday I had BIG PLANS! On Sunday I got to meet Sally (@SallyDonnelly1) in real life! Sally and I have been virtual colleagues for more than two years (?) and this year, in particular, we shared ideas back and forth and our classes collaborated on several projects (Mock Caldecott, shared Padlets, and more). Sunday she took the train up from the DC area and we spent the whole day together. Last year we had thought about meeting in New York, but the timing just did not work out, but this year, even though she still had a week left to her school year, she left her home early in the morning and took the train up.

We had no set plans but agreed to meet outside of Bank Street Books. Before exploring the bookstore we took a detour for breakfast (Absolute Bagels-bagels are one of the foods I seek out as soon as possible when in the US). We shared a yummy breakfast, explored the bookstore (where she bought a Spot book for a friend as a baby gift- she always gifts books with “Sally” as a character) and I recommended a series to her for her new classroom (Phil Bildner’s Rip and Red). Throughout the day we wandered Central Park, explored the 9/11 Memorial Museum, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, and shared another meal at Shake Shack. We alternated between the personal and the professional- learning more about each other and trading ideas back and forth. It was a wonderful combination of feeling like I was catching up with an old friend, but getting to know her better at the same time.

As we got ready to go our separate ways that evening I felt so satisfied. There are those who think that society is going downhill because people engage online rather than in real life, but to me, the online is merely an extension of real life. Although it is true that there are many people I interact with online that I will never meet in real life it is always rewarding when I do get the opportunity to mesh the two worlds. People are who they are no matter what the “space”. My summers (and workshops I attend) give me the chance to meet people “in real life” that I feel I already know and my week at TC is giving me more scope for that. Now that I know Sally in real life as well I am sure we will continue to collaborate across the miles!



***Third graders who keep slicing include:


Zhi Hong 

5 thoughts on “Virtual Becoming Reality!

  1. MAK

    It takes me back to my days of pen pals. When I finally met Joanne, it was like we had always been spending weekend days together. What a wonderful thing you have.


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