The Planner, My Favorite Younger Son


#sol17- July 4, 2017

Today I say goodbye to my younger son. I have just spent a week with him at his apartment in Arkansas and because he is moving on to law school in August this may be my last time in Arkansas, so we had a week that combined relaxation, errands (mostly for me), and tourism. We last saw each other at Christmas when we explored Kuala Lumpur (my home for now), Bangkok, and Chiang Mai. When I spend time with him I remember the traits he has that are and are not like mine. I am a planner, but I pale in comparison to my son. Food is important to him- he is a great cook and enjoys good food, so before I arrived he had planned our meals out and the delicious dinners he would cook, mmm!

I have a colleague from Northwest Arkansas who recommended that we visit Eureka Springs if we had time. Curtis was not convinced, as his friends had given it mixed reviews, but after a little pressure from me, we set out on Saturday. I did a little bit of research beforehand, to know that it sounded worth the trip, but of course, he did more!

We left early Saturday with plans for breakfast once we got to town (of course Curtis planned where we would eat breakfast and lunch). We pulled into Oscar’s Cafe . It looked like a neighborhood hangout with a large group of older men enjoying their coffee on the porch, so we headed indoors, where there was plenty of space. We decided to share a breakfast bahn mi, washed down with a tea (for me) and a latte (for him). Tasty! It was a perfect snack to fuel our morning. Next up, a scenic church Curtis had read about.



The town was full of steep hills, small specialty shops, and local art and artisans. We walked and walked and poked our heads in shops that caught our interest. Our only purchases ended up being at a small shop that makes their own oils, soaps, salts, etc. It smelled great and the bath salts will be a great gift for my mom, while Curtis has already enjoyed his mango coconut wax melt and will enjoy his shower salt. As for me, I have already used my headache and stress reliever roll-ons and keep sniffing my ocean breeze mix. We stopped into a few galleries and chatted with a local artist- lots of talent, and explored the town!

After a few hours of walking (and only half a breakfast to hold us over) we were ready for lunch- Curtis picked another winner, Local Flavor Cafe! The outside space was again crowded and it was hot, so we headed indoors where there was plenty of room. The menu looked great and after much deliberation, I settled on the Santa Fe Pita. Mmmm, it included a half a perfectly ripe avocado, mango-peach salsa, and more- it definitely required a knife and fork.

Cooled down and totally full we got in the car to head home but had one more stop- Thorncrown Chapel. Churches are not usually on our list of must-sees, but this town happened to have two very different ones I am glad we saw.


Terrible picture (see the link for a better shot! No idea who those strangers are, but we only stayed a minute. 

I usually appreciate Curtis’s research skills, but this day he outdid himself. We had a great day wandering a new-to-us place and I was glad that he got to see it before he moves away.

It is hard to say goodbye knowing that I will likely not see Curtis for a year or more, but I definitely look forward to exploring new places with him in the future.



***Third grade slicers- Zhi Hong

2 thoughts on “The Planner, My Favorite Younger Son

  1. jarhartz

    Curtis sounds like a great host! Food and lots of exploring. That church is amazing. Thanks for sharing these lovely slices of Arkansas!


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