There’s No Place Like “Home”!


#sol17- July 18, 2017

I have just returned to Malaysia after a few weeks “home” in the US and as usual, I am confused about where home is for me. I do not have a home in the US, so when I visit I am in someone else’s home (in this case I was at my mom’s, my son’s, my sister’s beach house, the TC dorms, and a hotel for #nErDcampMI). I had a great time, but I was definitely ready to be back “home” in Malaysia. It is interesting living away from my “home” country, as I feel like I lose touch with how things work and always have to ask questions that may seem ridiculous to residents. On the other hand, as I have only lived in Malaysia for three years there is much I do not understand about things here.

As I sat in the airport Thursday night waiting for my flight I got a text from my landlord. I was to sign a lease extension by July 25th and she suddenly needed me to sign within 24 hours. There was no way to do it at Logan, so I replied that I would do it upon my return, but that it might be a few days as I do not have a printer at home. She offered to have a hard copy couriered to me, so I assumed a copy would be waiting for me when I returned. After two flights (one long, one shorter) to get back to Malaysia no document was waiting for me, but I was not concerned because really I had until the 25th to meet my obligation.

Monday morning I decided to do something about getting the agreement printed out so that I could sign and return it to the landlord, but where to go? I did not want to go all the way to school, so I checked with a friend for ideas. She said that the mall near her had a printing place, but suggested the mall next door to me might as well. Later, when I went for to Starbucks I asked at the concierge desk. The woman suggested I check with the photo shop. Sure enough, “Here is the email that you need to send the document to,” she answered as if it was a regular practice. One minute later I walked out with my print out.

Afterward, I reflected that I really did choose the perfect apartment location for me. This mall is next door (which sounds weird, to live next to a mall, but there are soooo many malls in KL). The mall is fairly small- 4 floors, with 10-15 shops per floor, but has so much that makes my life easier. In addition to restaurants, places that I  frequent are: the pet store, the grocery store, a money exchange place, a dentist, a hair salon, a fancy massage place, a place to get manicures and pedicures (only pedicures for me), a hardware store and more. There is also a cobbler who cuts keys for about 75 cents. The photo shop has come in handy before for all the various photos I need for visas. There are other shops for clothes, sporting and kitchen goods, and more. There are few of my basic needs that can not be met next door.

As I write this, my cat is curled up in a ball at my side. There really is no place like home, wherever that is at the moment.



*** Third graders who keep slicing: Zhi Hong 

4 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like “Home”!

  1. maryannreilly

    Your post has me thinking about home and what it means and how the idea of home changes as I age. As I contemplate selling the house where I have lived for the last 15 years, I realize that I really don’t want to do it. I love the memories there, the space.

    I think it is grand that you feel at home in Malaysia and that the things that help you to feel at home are within reach. I am travelling now and will return home soon. It always feels good to come back.


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