#cyberpd Week 3- Chapters 7 and 8

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Chapter 7- Creating Opportunities for Readers to Interpret

p. 113- “As teachers, however, our goal should be to help students develop coherent interpretations that are personally meaningful and supported by the text.  And to do that, we need a more complex understanding of how writers convey meaning indirectly through patterns that change and break.”

This is something I tried to work on more directly with my students this year as they came up with theories and adjusted as they read further. Using conditional language made it feel safer for them. Revising thinking was important across curriculum areas. The definition of “rich task”- one we discuss often at our school in math, was helpful to me. I could see ways that our school needs to rethink what we are doing with this. Great that it applies across the content areas! I need to do better making student thinking visible more often. I loved the reminder later in the chapter to focus on author’s craft- third graders often put things on the character, rather than the author! The reminder to release responsibility too early was important to me as well.

Chapter 8- Creating Opportunities for Readers to Consider the Implication of Facts

Ack- the shift from knowing to understanding! I know it often surprises/frustrates me when students do not question what they do not understand. I need to model this with students so that they are attuned to thinking about why the facts matter. I also liked Vinton’s differentiation between planned and prepared is something I need to work more on- ugh, so much to balance!

Short reflections today, but still so much for me to absorb!


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