The Gift of Time


#sol17- July 25, 2017

This week I am starting to visit my classroom again and I am so happy to have the time to ease in! I am a bit of a stresser and coming in before the teacher inservice days is one way to ease my stress because I feel like I have time without pressure. Some of what I have done I could have done at home (worked on conferring notebooks, creating the document of the covers of all my summer reads to put on my classroom door, etc.). but just by working in the classroom I start to get back into the groove. It also allows me time to catch up with people bit by bit without feeling like there are 101 things I should be doing instead of chatting.


This morning’s fun included playing with my new Frixion markers and making some charts for my conferring kits. I am NOT neat or artistic, so making anything that people will look at freaks me out, but these fab markers are erasable, which made me so much more relaxed. I actually made a few pages for my kit that I can imagine using. Seriously, these markers are great! I have used the Frixion pens for more than a year, but never thought I needed to try the markers. There is lots of color choice (I bought about 12) and they really erase (admittedly not quite as well on colored paper) well!  I entertained myself by scribbling and erasing for anyone who would listen to me, but really I also got some legit work done, so win-win!

My gift of time also allowed me to stop and notice this beautiful butterfly: IMG_4549.JPG

Tomorrow I will have company because I have invited last year’s class to come in and help me organize the huge classroom library, which accomplishes many things at once- a chance to catch up with those in town, some books will get returned, new books will be shared, and some much needed sorting of books- another gift of time day! Color me happy!


***A slice from one of those lovely former third graders, Zhi Hong.

8 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. jarhartz

    I am just like you! I need time to settle in to limit the stress. Right now I’m waiting for my room to be cleaned (today). I’ve never heard of Frixtion markers. Sound like something to try out (better than white out)! Happy getting ready for the school year!

  2. Wondering and Wandering

    Cool sounding markers. Will have to check them out. We love supplies, don’t we?! 🙂 I, too, like to go in ahead of time to settle in and get organized. It’s not fun to rush through it. The custodians just finished my room today (floor waxed, carpet cleaned, furniture washed), so I can start doing little bits. Love that you involve former students. Please slice about that “event!”

  3. readingteachsu

    Monday is marked on my calendar as the start day to my gentle return. I’m thinking about book displays and a new desk lamp, mentor texts and Elephant and Piggie. Thanks for your ideas. We will be working side by side.


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