Links to Share This Week- August 6

I decided I would use my blog to collect links to share with colleagues. I feel like I am being a pest when I frequently email people to share so I will collect links once a week, and people can check them out or not.

A fun back to school video (yes, it is an ad, but the teacher has a good message).

A digital magazine for the science minded students (and others too). I love by Jess Keating. Her website is also rich and she has lots of great videos.

Posters, bookmarks, reading lists, etc. that you might want to print by Debbie Ohi. Scroll down a bit.

If you have not listened to Wow in the World yet, here is the link. It is NPR’s first podcast for kids and it is great!

One of my favorite blogs, Two Writing Teachers, is currently running a series on writing workshop.

Looking for even more places to find rich math tasks? This list may help.

A new community blog focused on building relationships in the classroom that I like has a post today on building community in the first few days with some good ideas.

A reminder about the many literacy events you can participate in this year.

I would really like to start a writing group with teachers at my school this year. Writing just because or writing for another purpose. Just writing at the same place and sharing a little. Maybe a weekend morning at Starbucks for an hour?

Do you have recent favorite links you love to share? I’d love to add to my list!

One thought on “Links to Share This Week- August 6

  1. What a great beginning of year gift! You continue to mentor me from afar… love the Wow NPR one, hadn’t heard of that yet.

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