Wahoo- First Day!


#sol17- August 8, 2017

Today was our first day of school and knowing this I thought that I would draft my slice last night, but after a busy day of meeting students (the Ice Cream Social is supposed to be a quick event, but somehow always stretches) among other first day prep things I just could not manage it. So here I sit, writing after…

  • arriving at school while it was still dark to have time to calmly start my day (aka write up my schedule, organize all the materials I might need, etc.)
  •  seeing all my grade level colleagues arrive earlier than usual too, so we had time for a quick chat/laugh/check-in (I LOVE our team)
  • meeting and greeting my 17 students (only two of whom are new to the school)
  • teaching morning routines and having our first Morning Meeting (and bam I learned all the names!)
  • remembering how s l o w l y things get done the first few days (weeks?)
  • reading two picture books (The Story of Fish and Snail and School’s First Day of School)
  • jumping on a table (a la Colby Sharp) to proclaim my love for reading
  • learning more about each other and the year ahead we hope for
  • making it to recess and lunch/snack on time
  • losing not a single child in all the confusion of the first day
  • having my first recess duty
  • remembering to send a student down to the nurse at the right time for her blood sugar monitoring
  • sending home the tons of paperwork that the first day entails
  • emailing parents a copy of the welcome email so that they can subscribe to the class blog for announcements
  • updating the blog
  • solving the mystery of why one email bounced back
  • answering the parents who were already scheduling “Getting to Know You” conferences as well as other issues they emailed me about
  • setting up a job chart so that all the unfinished things I had to do today can be shared by the kids tomorrow
  • leaving with a small stack of “All About Me” papers that I will read in a bit
  • ordering pizza for delivery- I think I need it!


I have to admit, all things considered, it was a great first day! Phew, now I can relax and sleep soundly tonight.


*** A former third grader still slicing!







5 thoughts on “Wahoo- First Day!

  1. Congrats!!!!!!!! As I read this, I could picture YOU doing it all. So glad we met in person and spent the day together so I can do that.
    And thanks for the smart tip:
    setting up a job chart so that all the unfinished things I had to do today can be shared by the kids tomorrow
    Duh…using the unfinished things as feedback and assigning it as a kid job. Brilliant.
    Have a great rest of the week!!

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