#pb10for10 Things Third Graders Love


August 2017

I never have a good idea for a theme until late… here it is the 10th and I finally have one I can roll with- picture books about things third graders love (written with the help of some third graders, past and present). Well, the school year has started and I am sick, so that is my excuse (this year) for being late (again- updated on the 13th). You also might notice I am rarely good at limiting myself when it comes to books…think of it as a list and alternates…

  1. Unicorns- Because it seems unicorns are really a thing for third graders!     16250904.jpg30312747.jpg                                29068867.jpg
  2. Friends/Family16101066.jpg 20307024.jpg Families are friends and vice verse.
  3. Exploring   Perfect as we start to talk about Genius Hour!                                                                                                                           18383325.jpg22926713.jpg
  4. Wonder/Passion 25897837.jpg
     (I love Jess Keating’s version too!)

    More GH fodder. I can’t wait to see what they wonder.

  5. Humor                            13531024.jpg

    (3rd one coming soon!)
  6. Perspective
    (was a favorite in our Mock Caldecott last year)

    18967185.jpg                          22521973.jpg

  7. Growth mindset
    My class last year did such amazing writing based on this book!                             

    31625795.jpg                                          28186319.jpg

  8. Inspiration765654.jpg                                        13588082.jpg
  9. School  25689022.jpg14843803.jpg
  10. Wow            32333289.jpg 25489033.jpg

Thanks to Zhi Hong, Sejin, Mikaela, and Annabel for title ideas and 3EV this year for enthusiasm.

2 thoughts on “#pb10for10 Things Third Graders Love

  1. Your list includes so many of my favorites, but what I love even more is that you’ve introduced me to several new titles that I’ll need to check out. How wonderful that your third graders helped you. Have a fantastically book-filled year!

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