Only Monday?!?


#sol17- August 22, 2017

Monday is always a busy day- somehow the weekend is over and not everything that was planned for gets finished… yesterday was no different! Rushing around before school I made a list of things to do later in the day. It was individual picture day for third grade and in a school with a required uniform individual pictures means the students get to choose what they wear, so they came in excited. At 9:28 we were just about to line up for snack and recess when the principal walked in.

“Oh, the new schedule- it starts today,” she said, “the duty schedule is already out and everyone is ready for the change.”

“Ooh,” I thought, “everyone but the teachers and students in third grade.”

We had asked for the schedule change (a longer time in the classroom before snack and recess would eliminate the short time back in the classroom time before specials) and we knew it was coming but had no idea it would start that day.

“Okay, guys, have a seat,” I told my third graders as I proceeded to fill them in on the change. What it meant was that I had to be ready to teach writing right then, without the half hour break first (and they had to mentally adjust to not having a break and snack yet).

I explained all this to the students (on the 10th day of school) and got part way through writing when the power went off. The EAL teacher in the room let out a small squeal, but the students remarkably kept their focus. It felt like a win. The room did heat up and it was a bit dark, but we prevailed. 

We walked down to snack at our new snack time and saw that the whole building was dark. My teammates gathered in our team common area for a break. We stayed on there to work as it was brighter and a bit cooler than our classrooms. A teacher/runner came to tell us that the whole area was out and could take up to two hours to fix. By this time teachers were remembering another such incident years ago where the school closed early as a result. All I could think of was Picture Day and Open House- ugh, lots to reschedule.

While the students were still at their first special, at 11:40, and announcement came over the intercom: “Due to the power outage and the projected time needed to restore power our campus will close at 12:30. Specials will end at 12:10.”

Confused third graders walked upstairs after their first special ended, but were quickly shuttled back downstairs to their second special. At 12:10 we teachers were unsure what to do- go downstairs to pick up our students, or wait for them to arrive back to us. We ended up going down and I found my class easily, although the team leader could not find her class and ended up going back upstairs to wait for them. A bit of extra confusion. 

After bringing my class together to explain how dismissal would work I also told them that pictures would be rescheduled. Surprise, surprise, at about that time the power started coming back on, but not yet in our team.

When the students were dismissed (too hard to rescind the dismissal plan) we teachers were told that it would be a regular work day, even though our server was still down. Funny how much of the work we wanted to do required the internet. Because the server was down a decision about Open House would be made at 3.

I actually got quite a lot done (hello pile of writing pre-assessments and more). Before 2 the server was back up, so everything was a go… All seemed back on track.

So, of course, one of KL’s famous afternoon thunderstorms started in with a fury. Our maintenance crew happened to be in our team putting out chairs for parents when my ceiling started leaking. Luckily the leak was not too bad and a trash can held the water.

I won’t even get in to the pizza delivery issue- suffice it to say that not everybody got what they ordered to fortify themselves before Open House. Nonetheless, the rain subsided, some parents arrived, and Open House went on as planned, but as we left for the night our team had a quick debrief of the day- phew, hard to believe that it was just/still Monday! Starting the week with a bit of chaos and a later than usual night. 





*** Zhi Hong, a former 3rd grader just keep slicing!

6 thoughts on “Only Monday?!?

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Oh my gosh!!! That sounded like an anxiety dream I might have… yet it was real?! What a way to start the year!!

  2. humbleswede

    I’m still wrapping my head around the idea that you’ve had ten days of school and open house already. We’re still a week away from opening. It sounds like the kids are well into the writing routine if they can work through a power outage. Impressive.

  3. Denise Krebs

    Erika, I was with you in your story. You remain so matter-of-fact in your telling, and it seems also in real life–just taking it all in stride. That’s all we can do, isn’t it? Hope the rest of your week is great.



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