I Was Going to Write About…


#sol17- September 5, 2017

Yesterday I did the unheard of (for me)- I drafted my slice a day ahead, knowing that today was the first day of my After School Activity and from there I would be dashing to Pilates and then home inspired me to draft a day early (it was all about my double pink eye this weekend).

Then today happened and I loved my ASA (Josh Funk, you would LOVE to know how some of my students from last year came rushing in to ask “Did that stinky stench book that the guy we Skyped with last year read to us come in yet?” They then proceeded to huddle on the floor and read it aloud to each other- and that was just in the first five minutes).

But then I continued my frustration from yesterday trying to book a few days away in October. I have finally decided where I want to go, found the flights, and the hotel, but I am stuck with the payment. Yesterday when I tried to pay I kept getting an error message saying the bank’s certificate was invalid. It was a holiday, so after a few attempts, I gave up. Today I called the bank to report the problem but turns out they can only check out problems from that day, so I had to hang up and try again. After trying again, no luck Called again and was told everything was okay on that end- everything should work,  No luck- called again and was told to disable the pop-up blocker- no luck. Restarted the computer, because that often needs to solve problems, no luck. Tried another credit card (through the same bank) – ugh, no luck! Tried another browser- no luck. Restarted the computer again, no luck. Sprinkled in here intermittently I made phone calls to the customer service office of the bank again. They keep maintaining that it is not their system that has the problem. Finally, I call again and by now my voice may have given away the frustration I was feeling. “Ben” listened patiently to me, checked “two different systems” and said it must be the vendor’s website problem. When I reminded him that by now I had tried two different websites using two different browsers with two different credit cards (and a debit card by now) and all came up showing that it was an invalid certificate on the bank’s part he paused. Then he said he was going to check one more thing and call me back within 10 minutes.

Less than 5 minutes later Ben was back on the line. He said IT from their side had said nothing was wrong, but he wanted me to try one more time. He patiently waited while my super slow internet connected and as I slowly went through the process of bringing up my flight booking I was feeling defeated. Screen by screen I advanced and we got to the payment screen and it accepted my payment after sending me a code!!! “What happened? Why did it work this time?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he responded honestly. “I deactivated your phone number from the account and reactivated it, that must have triggered something.”

After thanking him profusely I hurried to add the hotel to my trip!

So although I did not blog about my pink eye or my fun after school activity this story too had a happy ending- but who knows why!?!



*** Zhi Hong keeps slicing!




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