This I Know


#sol17- October 10, 2017

After two busy days of three-way conferences (parent-teacher-student), my brain is a bit sizzled, so tonight I reflect on what I know (or know again) after this round of conferences:

  • Some students are exactly the same at home and at school, so parents nod and smile a lot
  • Some students are so different with their parents there (some sillier, others more serious)
  • Most students took the conference really seriously and wanted to show their best
  • It is a different kind of tired after two days of talking to parents all day
  • Conferences should never be at the start of the week- we teachers are exhausted now and the kids have just had a 4-day weekend, so we are at a disadvantage in terms of energy levels
  • The reflections they wrote before were so honest and spot on- these kids know themselves well
  • It is harder to be a third grader now than when I was a kid (the level of reading, writing, and math they are expected to achieve really is remarkable, no wonder we teachers feel pressure too)
  • Many students are operating in a second or third language all day at school and they really have double the effort when they face home language work when they get home
  • Having the time to talk with parents gives you a new perspective on the students’ lives outside of school (on so many levels)
  • While the conferences set purpose is to reflect on progress thus far and set goals they also help me to know my students better
  • I am grateful I have this group of students this year- with almost one-quarter of the school year behind us we have lots to look forward to!


**** Zhi Hong (student from last year) keeps slicing!

8 thoughts on “This I Know

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Love reading these thoughts Erika! I am so impressed you have the students attend the conference. I haven’t worked up to that yet!

  2. Jennifer Laffin

    You hit it spot on — the ups and downs, the good and bad, and the insights and confirmations we gain from conferencing with parents. It is a valuable time, yet so exhausting. I’m glad it is over for you so you can put your new knowledge about your students to good use.


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