Pub PD Anyone?


#sol17- November 21, 2017

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I am a creature of habit (usually). On most Tuesdays after school I host “Book Love”, an after-school activity, then head to Pilates, then home to write my slice, well hold the presses- tonight I am shaking it up! I am skipping Pilates (insert guilt- I do soooo little exercise!) and after dropping off my school bag and making my overnight oatmeal to take to school in the morning I braved a monsoon (literally) to get picked up by a friend- we were off to #PubPDAsia.

The premise is simple- educators all over Asia were to meet in a pub, in the city where they live and take social networking back to face to face. We had a question scheduled every 15 minutes for an hour (all centering around student voice). For the first ten minutes (of every 15) we were to talk to the people with us and then tweet out our big ideas. In the end there were only four of us in the Kuala Lumpur location, but due to the set up we had a good discussion- both in person and online. Going out on a school night is rarely in my plans, but an hour was a perfect treat (although we then spent more time at a great local Indian restaurant). It was fun to “see” friends (and former colleagues) checking in from all over Asia all chatting about the same topics. We are already making plans for the next meet up and thinking about a more convenient location (KL has so many schools in a big area and horrible traffic, so location is everything). I am grateful for a PLN- live and online!

3 thoughts on “Pub PD Anyone?

  1. franmcveigh

    LOVE it! A pub is a perfect place for the collaborative community of PD! What fun! And then Twitter connections! Another example of what I was writing about in my Saturday notes from NCTE! ❤


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