Goal Oriented (or is it Deadline Oriented?)


#sol17- December 19, 2017

Today is day 4 of break and I am getting through my to do list:) I notice that I tend toward putting things off as long as I can, but once I set myself a goal I get so much more focused. I have a three-week break (luxurious, I know), and I wanted to get the most out of it, so divided it up:

Week 1- My overall goal was to get stuff done here in KL (doctor appointment, dentist appointment, getting some paperwork started for my summer move, etc.). As I checked Goodreads I noticed I had not yet finished my goal of reading 267 books, so that became a goal too (and I love to participate in #bookaday over break). I also wanted to get back to daily writing (Michelle’s post is reminding me, too, as is Teach Write’s call for a writing manifesto, and the fact that I know I did a poor job on a post I sent to someone months ago that needs to be updated before publication). So four days in and I have finished 8 books (yay, Goodreads goal surpassed) and had two appointments. I have also had two (yes two) massages, met friends for dinner and lunch, seen a movie, bought new books, loaded my Kindle with books for the break, watched some episodes of The Crown, and thought about other things I should add to my list to do. There really was a need for this break- I am soooo tired!

Week 2- My goal is to celebrate Christmas with my older son. He works in South Korea and only has three days off, so we are meeting in Nha Trang, Vietnam for a few days of fun (note to self- I better buy him some Christmas presents!). I will miss my younger son so much, but he is not able to get here this year (he will spend Christmas with my mom and sister, so I know he will be well loved). When I return to KL my secondary goal is to plan for my first week or two back at school, so that does not haunt me in week 3.

Week 3- This week I will travel to India. I am going on a trip with Intrepid Travel to (mostly) Delhi and Jaipur. I like Intrepid because it means I will have a balance of tour time and alone time. I lived in Mumbai for a year but did not get to see as much of India as I would like, so look forward to this. When I booked the trip I was not sure if I would still be living in Asia next year and I did not want to miss a chance of visiting India with relative ease. I will not arrive back until late Saturday night before school starts again- hence my need to do planning next week (because I will be traveling light, no computer even). The last day of the break will be spent resting up for the busy term ahead (no lesson planning allowed- it will have to get done in week 2).

Reading this over it all sounds just like what I want and need for this break! A good mix of business (and busyness) and pleasure (and relaxation).



*** Zhi Hong slices.


7 thoughts on “Goal Oriented (or is it Deadline Oriented?)

  1. sallydonnelly11

    I have 3 more days to teach, then off for 11 days. Your post inspired me to set some reading and writing goals and reach them! Safe travels!! I can’t wait to read your SOL after you return from your adventures.

  2. franmcveigh

    I had a visual of business and busyness! My best goals have a time factor. Otherwise they seem more like wishes than goals. ENJOY! It sounds like your weekly divisions are going to contribute to a successful winter break!


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